Goal Of Education, Career Advice

I am a first time poster and looking for advice on finding a more optimal career. Following Dave, Tim, and many other professionals in the biohacking world, I have spent considerable time evaluating what is important to me as far as values for personal fulfillment.

1. Interaction with people- age not a factor

2. Education- preferably surrounding agriculture and/or lifestyle

3. Mobility/flexibility- limited sitting, ability to set schedule

Currently I am a field sales rep, driving an average of 1000 miles per week. I despise the amount of time spent alone and the amount of time sitting in a car. My education (BS & MBA) is in Agribusiness. I am extremely outgoing and work very well with kids and adults, and have a natural knack for teaching.

It seems obvious that I should look for a teaching job, but I am looking for alternative options as well. I am limited in my ability to relocate (currently in Central NJ). I am simply not sure where to start looking!


  • First of all welcome!


    Second, besides some sort of teaching position, I would suggest something in real estate. Possibly as a real estate agent. 


    I am both a real estate agent and attorney and I enjoy the former much more. Constantly meeting people. Schedule Flexibility. You truly learn your surroundings and not only the people but the businesses surrounding you. Your success more than most fields is tied to your work and reputation alone. It can be a very difficult field and certainly isnt for everyone. I know little about an Agribusiness education but I feel like that education could be of some use as a real estate agent. 


    Best of luck!

  • @JoWee

    Dude, you replied to a post that hasn't been active since July of 2014. That's almost 5 years ago hahahaha.

    Oh wait..... 2014 was FIVE YEARS AGO!? I'm getting old :'-(

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