Trigger Point Therapy Dry Needling

Hi guys,

I received tripper point dry needling for my calves twice now last 8 days and feeling absolutely horrible. Like insane tired. Not able to think straight. Weird feeling behind my eyes. In bed atm and its 6pm here just to give u an idea. Do you guys think that there might be a relation with this therapy or is it more likely to be something else?


  • Your sympathetic nervous system may have been highly stressed from the treatments.


    Do you have the heart rate variability monitor? You could check it out.

  • So do you see a relation with toxins or not? Like the bulletproof diet in combination with some detoxing made me relatively healthy again so thats why im curious
  • I'll take a wild guess. I haven't had trigger point dry needling but have had trigger point massage and acupuncture. Since acupuncture points are in similar areas as trigger points... I'll bet the needling stirred something up that needs to be processed by your system. I got sick/tired after my first acupuncture session. Drink lots of water, sleep and tell whoever is doing the needling how you're feeling so they can adjust. My understanding is that a trigger point is "stuff" lodged in an area where it shouldn't be. I hope this means that the needling is effective! Good luck and best wishes for a quick recovery.  

  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    Needling some areas has prooven not so good, sometimes results are unpredictable. Its very difficult to master how to needle all the points in the body.


    What are we talking about here, soleus, gastrocnemium, tibilais posterior, fhl, fdl???

  • Got no clue what ur talking about mate.

    All the pain is pretty much gone now. A life changer
  • What was your approach to solving the problem, Insilico?


    My research suggests, activated B6 - p5p is solution for the trigger finger. It's also important to load with magnesium while keeping in mind calcium...

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