Kerrygold Quality?

Hi there!

I'm happy to finally be a part of the forum.

I've been drinking BP coffee for a few weeks and my energy has definitely increased on a daily basis.


I did run into an article that prompted me to make my first post here. It's concerning Kerrygold butter. I know Dave specifically recommends this butter time and time again, but check out this article.

In it, the writer makes a few different arguments on why Kerrygold is not the best choice when buying grass fed butter.

The writers main point is that the butter is not actually 100% grass fed.

The info on the Kerrygold site seems to match that of the article:


What percent of an Irish cow’s diet is comprised of grass?                  


                        Irish cows benefit from the abundance of grass which grows on our farms. The vast majority of an Irish cow’s diet, almost 90%, is from rich, natural grass. This is much higher than in most other countries. It is made possible because of the perfect farming conditions enjoyed on the island of Ireland.



Does anybody have any info on this, or why Dave would still recommend Kerrygold?


Thanks everyone!


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    Still better than crappy land o lakes and I can't believe they call this butter. I still use Kerrygold.

  • Did the article suggest another brand of Irish butter? Kerrygold is the only Irish butter sold in our markets.
  • I'm not worried that Kerrygold is "bad" for me, it's just that being a self proclaimed biohacker I'm always "obsessing" over the smallest of things. 

    Aren't you? lol

    I'm just trying to create a conversation on the subject.


    Also, 100% grass-fed butter DOES exist.

    Here's just one example:


    Anybody else has any thoughts on this? I recommend you guys at least reading this article/blog post before jumping in with opinions. It's not that long and the writer makes some insteresting observations.

  • There are already several threads on this topic, only grazing on grass is one thing, feeding limited grain during milking calms the cow and they milk better, not worth thinking about - though to say 100% grass only is just a round up or a lie, meat cows are different, they can be 100%. Dave has posted a list of several different brands that are better than or equal to kerrygold. I can't be obsessed with these small details as being in Canada limits all but a few of us to only organic which is only summer grass and 65% during the remainder of the year. You will not experience a performance difference between 90-100% butters, focus more on high quality supplements for these performance gains.


    Gotcha! Thanks for the info!


    Ps.: Do you have a link to Dave's article on the different butters?

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