Mulvadi Kona Coffee

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Summary: is Mulvadi 100% Kona coffee mycotoxin free and good enough to make bulletproof coffee with?


I'm new to this bulletproof executive and this forum. I want to try making bulletproof coffee (at least put some grassfed butter in it). Thing is I don't normally drink coffee because it makes me feel awful (jittery and nauseous). Today I put grass fed butter into some instant coffee. It tasted great plus it didn't make me jittery or nauseous or wired. I love it!

I know I'm not suppose to drink instant coffee but it was all I had. The only other coffee available to me right now are these 2 bags of Mulvadi 100% Kona Coffee (gourmet roast) that I bought for my dad from Hawaii. He hasn't drank any of it (prefers instant...) so I'm thinking of drinking it myself. I looked up the company but I can't find how it's processed.

Does anyone here know anything about this coffee and whether or not it's good to drink according to the bp guidelines?

I know its a Coffea arabica species and on the website it says it's more alkaline than acidic and is suppose to be good for health


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