Customer Service Horrible For Website Orders

I didn't want to post this here, but I don't know where else to turn. I got a 5lb bag of coffee and it came in a ripped bag. The box was fine, just the bag was ripped. How long it sat in a warehouse, I don't know. Customer service has been non-responsive image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

I've been using the contact form on the Amazon Portal store, and calling the customer service line to get this remedied but I've been completely ignored. No response at all from the contact form... so don't bother using that. I actually talk to a real person on the customer service number, but all they can do is take my info and tell me someone will be back in touch in 24-48 hours. Oh, and yeah, they're really busy. Aren't we all.

I understand there was probably a flood of orders from his Joe Rogan appearance, but jeez - it's no excuse for non-existent customer support. This is not bulletproof.

I'm hoping someone from the BPE team is actually reading the forums so they can escalate this. Because I've given up hope on customer service. And I'm not going to throw away $75 worth of coffee, so I'm using it anyway - moldy or not.


Ryan Hand


  • I'm not having the best experience either. I placed an order on the 29th and haven't received anything yet. I emailed regarding adding something to the order and I didn't get an email back for 4 days. I responded immediately and it has been 5 more days with no response.

    Asprey seems like a good guy. I'm not sure if he knows how horrible the customer service is. I hope he finds out if he doesn't know and fixes something. I don't care how great your product is. If you can't have basic customer service then I'll take my business somewehere else. It shouldn't be this hard to buy products and give them more business.
  • Agreed - the product is great and Asprey is a good guy and I want to support. But he can't completely ignore a critical aspect of the product experience, because then we won't feel inclined to spread the word.

    Wondering how many others have had the same experience.
  • Add one more to the list. Haven't even gotten a reply to my email question that i sent 4 days ago.

    Ripped bags of coffee are likely not mycotoxin free!

    I hope mine comes sealed before the end of the year!
  • Add another one.......I ordered 2 bags of coffee.......never received it. Delivery person never came to this house but the tracking said delivered...........Zack got back to me once and said he would help but that was a week ago.......and nothing else
    Now what? Is there a phone number to call a real person? Thanks, Lynn

  • I agree. I've had to deal with customer service a lot in the past few weeks (starting with a problem of my making, not theirs). The response time is ridiculous. Probably a week each time to get an email from someone. I did call (yes, you can find a number under Contact Us if you search carefully) and the call was answered, but I suspect it was an answering service. I can't remember, but I think I was transferred and had to leave a message. I don't think I've ever spoken to a real person. I have finally gotten emails, which appear each time to be from a different person (which I don't believe either), and they have been very pleasant and supportive. And eventually the problem was worked out and now I'm satisfied. But pretty much most aspects of placing orders, and all aspects of changing orders or trying to get a problem resolved, are dismal. It's too bad and doesn't reflect well on the company.

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