How To Formulate An Effective Argument

Tips for Communicate Your Ideas Effectively


Independent thought is awesome!  We fully support individuality and encourage our members to present unique information.  With enough ingenuity, and a high volume of free thinking individuals, contradictions in statements are bound to arise and we have to make sure that we communicate in a way that improves ourselves and the community.


The Strength of an Argument

Suppose someone on the Bulletproof forums posts a comment that you disagree with.  There are a number of ways you can handle it.   For instance, if someone posts:


            “Eggs will raise your cholesterol.”


You could respond in a number of different ways.


Optimal – Using peer-reviewed sources to depersonalize the argument

            “What about this study?




After studying the effect of egg consumption with 912 subjects, they concluded that eggs made no difference in blood, or serum cholesterol levels.”


Moderate – Drawing from personal experience (n=1)

            “I eat a dozen eggs every day and my cholesterol is fine.”


Sub-Optimal – Anecdotal evidence

            “I read on a Twitter post somewhere that this is a common myth.”


Poor – Deflecting the argument

            “Cholesterol levels are meaningless.”


Ban worthy – Using insults

            “You are really stupid for thinking that and anyone who agrees with you is stupid too.”


Do you see the difference?

Disagreement is fine, but the way we disagree is what matters.  Be constructive and choose your words carefully so that you do not get banned.  If you choose to sling an insult rather than an academic source, a moderator will contact you and depending on the severity of your insult, you could lose your account permanently.


Ask yourself – Should I really post this?

If you have a question about whether or not you should post something, you probably should keep it to yourself.  If you feel like you are too emotional about an issue, try writing your thought down and review it again the next day when you are calm.  You may always ask a moderator for a judgment call too.

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