Noopept's Neurotransmitter Use And My Theory

Alright, this post is going to be mostly theory mixed with my experiences. To start, theres a bit of information out there I have read that points to Noopept acting on the dopamine and serotonin receptors, hence the powerful mood boost some people experience. In my research I have noted that noopept appears to be one of the most active nootropics in the barin as it affects acetycholine, glutamate, dopamine, and serotonin receptors. Theres a lot going on in the brain with this supplement which got me thinking. Theres lots of talk about supplying the brain with extra choline when taking such nootropics, however I see very little talk about the other neurotransmitters that might be affected. In my personal experiences I find that noopept makes me feel great in the morning with alpha-gpc, however come the afternoon second dose, well I still feel somewhat good but I also feel anxious, sometimes short of breath, irritable and aggressive, and fatigued. I've read some people's experiences with noopept to be very negative, mostly in mood department or the cognitive department. In many cases concerning cognition, when people started supplementing choline with noopept the negative effect dissipated, but sometimes not. This makes me wonder if the brain requires a lot more nourishment when using noopept, considering how powerful it is and also depending upon the person's chemistry. Concerning myself, I know that I am very low in dopamine and choline, and slightly low in serotonin based on neurotransmitter test's I took. Noopept and most of the other Nootropics tend to amplify the activity of the neurotransmitters in our brain and limits the breakdown well increasing the uptake of their required nutrients. So with that in mind, how can someone expect good results with over-clocking their brain if they happen to be low in dopamine or serotonin? Noopept seems to be a very potent nootropic that I believe requires more then choline depending on an individuals chemistry. Possibly a glutamate precursor would be in order such as l-glutamine? In my particular case, I may find relief from the anxious feeling I get in the afternoon from noopept by taking a dopamine precursor such as l-tyrosine and maybe l-tryptophan before bed? I have tried 5-htp for serotonin and did not like that at all. I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas on this topic and any shared experiences. I will also add updates to this post as I test my theory. I believe that noopept has a lot more potential then most of us may even realise, especially those of us who have had rather mild or negative experiences with it.


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    Free form glutamic acid will not, under normal circumstances, will not cross the blood-brain barrier.  So, you have two options:


    1) Upregulate the expression of glutamic acid neurogenisis.

    2) Bind L-glutamate to a sodium molecule for transport (bad).


    If you go with the first option, I would not recommend using L-glutamine as a precursor.  This is because entropy is not on your side, and if you hack your biochemistry so that L-glutamine is modulating to glutamic acid at a significant rate, your NHlevels will result in equal quantities (bad).


    The best way to insure ample glutamic acid neurogenisis is through alpha-ketoglucarate.  Make sure that your body is producing enough ketones, and supplement with calcium D-glucarate if needed.


    Regarding your other questions:


    Taking L-tyrosine before bed will keep you awake all night (bad).

    L-tryptophan converts poorly to to 5-HTP (bad).

    5-HTP, in high enough doses, has shown to raise blood serotonin levels to abnormally high values (bad).


    I would focus more on GABA rather than serotonin for your purposes.

  • I think it's safe to say noopept does not help with paragraph formation.

  • I'll look into GABA. I've heard the GABA supplements aren't very good, I'm going to look into this further though. Do you have any suggestions for a good GABA precursor? I used L-Tyrosine today and it was no good. It did nothing except make me feel extremely tired, irritable, and all around angry. I was a huge a$$hole today to say the least. Won't be taking that again.

  • L-tyrosine is a dopamine precursor.  Try L-theanine.

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    I tried L-theanine this morning by itself without noopept. It defiantly made me super chill and carefree, however it also made me pretty tired and spaced out and maybe slightly slow in my mental abilities. Didn't like the negatives so much. Is this common? Maybe I should take it before bed? I read that L-theanine inhibits the glutamate receptors somewhat, so perhaps if I take this with my second dose of noopept I will have better results. My second dose always seems to make me slightly anxious.

  • I've taken l-theanine (its actually suntheanine which is supposed to be better) a few times now mainly at night and wake up with headaches in the morning. I've read conflicting information on l-theanine some say it helps balance out glutamate activity, others say it it increases glutamate activity. I'm not sure whats really going on, but if it increases glutamate activity then thats not good for me.

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