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What have peoples' experiences been with iPhone/iPad apps? What are the best apps for health/fitness/biohacking? I imagine there'll be floods of new apps in future, but what are the best apps available now?


I'll share my limited experience so far...


I started using the Sleep Cycle app a few weeks ago. It's been quite useful. I didn't realise my sleep cycles were so variable. the Sleep quality score is a great addition. I don't know how accurate it is, but as soon as I started monitoring my sleep, I tried to get it as high as possible! So I've been getting to bed 30-60 mins earlier, which I really needed to do. I'm sure the creators knew what they were doing!


I downloaded Instant Heart Rate this morning and I'm looking forward to playing with that.



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    The main biohacking apps I use are

    Sleep cycle

    Hrv sense

    5 minute journal

    And I love them all. I used to use a dual n back app quite a bit but haven't used it recently.

    I'm looking into a blood glucose monitoring app but have yet to find one for the iPhone 5 or 5s. Only ones you require an adaptor to use.

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  • Lift is by far one of my most used apps, great for habit forming.


    WellnessFX and 23andMe both have apps that I utilize. I use MapMyRun for the rare times I want to track a run.


    Unrelated to health and fitness, I could not live without Evernote which helps me keep my mind organized.


    The game Blek is great for some fun mental exercise and has stunning visuals.


    Also, a few others I utilize daily that require additional hardware.




    Inner Balance

  • Wow, Blek looks interesting. It must take an insanely creative mind to come up with that! I’ve been 

    thinking about finding an app/game that’s a bit more challenging than Fruit Ninja or 2048. Good call. 


    It took me a while but I’m finally finding a use for evernote. 


    I’ll put Inner Balance on my to do list as well. 



    "Either work hard or you might as well quit."


    Stanley Kirk Burrell aka MC Hammer

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    My picks for best iPhone Apps are:

    1. Spotify or iTunes
    2. Noted.
    3. Netflix
    4. WhatTheFont.
    5. Habitica.
    6. Google Trips.
    7. Clips.
    8. Quartz
    9. Popcorn Time
    10. Dropbox or Google drive
  • My top apps: Facebook, its messenger, shazam, google maps (as far as I like traveling), instagram, any email app, and telegram. I would also add some slots apps but I don't play them on iPhone. I run online pokies when I'm in front of my pc. It's just more comfortable for me.

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