Rbbb Heart Condition

I was just wondering if anyone knew about right bundle branch block (RBBB),a defect in the heart's electrical conduction system.

My Dad is in exceptionally good condition who apparentIy has such a defect, I was curious if anyone knew anything about this topic in light of someone who is in seemingly good shape...thanks so much for the info!


  • Can be a normal variant in some people, buddy so I wouldn't worry too much about it - he's obviously had an ECG/EKG to determine a RBBB so if his Doctor isn't worried then he shouldn't be either - As a Paramedic I regularly see RBBB in normal, healthy people - Give it a Google to find out more - Here's a little about it:

    Activation of right ventricle delayed

    Increase in QRS duration ≥120 milliseconds

    Large secondary R’ wave in leads V1/2 giving rSR’ pattern

    Slurred S wave in left ventricular leads, particularly lead I, V5, V6 (not shown)

    May be idiopathic, often associated with congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary embolism

    Generally has a benign prognosis when present as an isolated finding

    Hope this helps!!
  • Thanks for the info...however my Dad has been feeling dizzy a bit when he gets up from sitting...
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