Bentonite And Charcoal Question

I've heard from the podcast that charcoal has an electrical conductivity effect upon the body and I've also heard that Bentonite Clays have similar affects; is this something that should be considered when using the products together and should only one be used at a time because of this?  



  • There's a great thread over here that goes into a good detox protocol that I've used myself:


    Bentonite and Charcoal are used together at separate times, the effect is explained once you read through it. Have fun! :-)

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    When both are used at the sametime,   they both work together synergy removing nasty metals and toxins from the body....They are both  aDsorbers...Most folks have better experience  when using Bentonite and Charcoal in powder form in some liquid instead of capsules.   


    The benefit is that they pull the nasty stuff from the body and you poop them out....unlike some other detoxers that put in the blood stream and let your kidneys do the work, which might put a burden on them.


    People with Autism and food poisoning used this religiously,  or just to combine to have a more powerful effect for healthy purposes.  


    Bentonite cause constipation for some if you are one of them,  remember to drink MORE WATER!  To fight of the constipation.  



    Here is a list of what toxins and other nasty Charcoal absorbs


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