Is Searing Meat A No-No From The Maximizing Health & Bulletproofness Point Of View?

A lot of recipes call for searing the meat, before or after cooking, but putting it for a small amount of time on hot oil. Browning, Maillard reaction, etc.



Should a person willing to maximally optimize health, absolutely avoid these processes, because of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) - or other reasons?


Is searing a total no-no?


Do you - die hard bulletproofers - skip the searing from the recipes? Is searing something Dave would totally condemn?


Is any kind of searing totally bad and no-no, or can the damage be minimized to an insignificant level if the searing is done limited in time/temperature? Or if the searing has any noticeable effect, it means the damage is already done?


Its a pretty important question, as the majority of recipes for beef call for searing. Probably to create a barrier so that the juices do not escape the meat while baking/cooking. How else can we achieve that, so our meat does not become totally dry and juiceless?




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