Why Is Bc Such A Preferred Place To Live?

Dave lives there.---- Dr. Weil lives there......


Anybody have any insight on this?



  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    Have you been there? I haven't. Maybe its really nice? Two people doesn't make much of a pattern though.

  • Two birds of a feather for the BP crowd. --- There has to be some trend there... I can take a few stabs but I'm sure there's someone  who can speak with more authority on this.

  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod
    Hands down the best place in Canada, when you factor in wilderness quality and accessability, sockeye salmon, narrow temperature changes, small populations etc, I could go on but I'm biased.
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  • The pictures of some of the lakes look incredible. --- Jason what do you mean in terms of wildlife quality... is this just from an aesthetic point of view?


    Feel free to go on...

  • I enjoy every day of life in BC, variety of sports, climbing and ocean sports, warmer climate is more attractive than sitting indoors in Alberta for instance.

  • lyleglyleg
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    mountains, awesome weather, pot, end of story
  • I love British Columbia-- Vancouver and Victoria. Of course, I live North of Seattle and love my home, too.

    Vancouver is a beautiful city. Very international, lots of natural beauty, parks, outdoor recreation, things to do. Victoria, on Vancouver Island, is much more laid back, but probably even more beautiful. I spent a fair amount of time north of the border when I was a college student in Bellingham, WA and I miss that (but still prefer to live in Washington State)


  • Emerald Lake looks unbelievable. -- Definitely want to hit there for a trip/visit at some point.


    Isn't there a ton of rain in BC though? More than average and less sun?

  • Manitoba and saskatchawan both get more average precip than bc
  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod
    Besides, that's how you make green things.
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