Why Is Bc Such A Preferred Place To Live?

Dave lives there.---- Dr. Weil lives there......


Anybody have any insight on this?



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    Have you been there? I haven't. Maybe its really nice? Two people doesn't make much of a pattern though.

  • Two birds of a feather for the BP crowd. --- There has to be some trend there... I can take a few stabs but I'm sure there's someone  who can speak with more authority on this.

  • The pictures of some of the lakes look incredible. --- Jason what do you mean in terms of wildlife quality... is this just from an aesthetic point of view?


    Feel free to go on...

  • I enjoy every day of life in BC, variety of sports, climbing and ocean sports, warmer climate is more attractive than sitting indoors in Alberta for instance.

  • lyleglyleg
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    mountains, awesome weather, pot, end of story
  • I love British Columbia-- Vancouver and Victoria. Of course, I live North of Seattle and love my home, too.

    Vancouver is a beautiful city. Very international, lots of natural beauty, parks, outdoor recreation, things to do. Victoria, on Vancouver Island, is much more laid back, but probably even more beautiful. I spent a fair amount of time north of the border when I was a college student in Bellingham, WA and I miss that (but still prefer to live in Washington State)


  • Emerald Lake looks unbelievable. -- Definitely want to hit there for a trip/visit at some point.


    Isn't there a ton of rain in BC though? More than average and less sun?

  • Manitoba and saskatchawan both get more average precip than bc
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