Heat Acclimation

Some of you may have seen the long blog post by Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Ferriss' blog on using Heat Acclimation: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2014/04/10/saunas-hyperthermic-conditioning-2/


I'm very interested in this because of the EPO and brain impacts Rhonda notes which will help me with chronic issues I've been dealing with. So I have a home infrared sauna (~55oC) that I'm going to be using, building up to the twice daily protocol that is cited in some of the studies Rhonda notes. I'll be tracking all my usual data, but am hoping to see some impact on lumosity attention score, HRV/ RHR and my reduction in some symptoms I still have (e.g. fibromyalgia, hypoperfusion in muscles).


Has anyone tried heat acclimation? Or been looking at it? Love to hear any other experiences.


P.s. Around the same time I read the post I went to Death Valley to test some theories around why some people with chronic health conditions (like me) get better in pristine environments. Death Valley was the most pristine place I could find, and I noted benefits - which I now think could have been due to Heat Acclimation. Yes, it's pretty hot in Death Valley  :-P I wrote up that experience here with some of the data I tracked: http://biohacked.net/pdfs/DeathValleyExperiment.pdf

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  • Woah, never heard of this. Thanks so much, I'm definitely looking into this (Living in southern Texas....) and hoping it might help - can you believe I feel hot all the time? :)

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