Juice Plus

I recently started taking these freeze dried veggie and fruit caps, because I find it hard to get in what I think are a sufficient amount of these nutrients in my diet. I skip breakfast, have a big salad for lunch with protein and some cooked VEGES with protein at dinner. I have digestive issues so sometimes vegetables in general are hard on my gut. I often question how much of them I'm even sufficiently absorbing.

I'm wondering what people think of these products? I've looked into other green type products but they often contain barely or wheat grass (not gluten for in spite of claims).

I'm also concerned about mold issues.


  • Not worth the bother.  Plus Juice Plus is sold via MLM channels by people who call themselves naturopaths after completing a correspondence class.

  • I already have the product obtained by a local practitioner. So what i'm wondering is if has any nutrient value at all? Also, would there be any harm in taking it? Since it's freeze dried fruits and veggies, could they get moldy? 

  • Probably no harm, but I don't think there's much value.  The formula is proprietary so there's no way to know.  These types of products have been discussed a lot and nobody has found one that is worth a damn.  

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