Bulletproof Lifestyle And Children

Hi all.

I am wanting to create a place where those of us trying out the bulletproof lifestyle can discuss what we are feeding our babies, toddlers and older children. I am all for ideas and recipes that kids love....especially the picky 2-3 yr olds! As my daughter is almost 3, she gets very stuck in her ways.

We live in Canada and so have a very hard time getting our hands on 100% grassfed butter and so far have not shelled out $75 USD for ONE jar of Pure Indian Ghee, although I think with my husband not doing well on the BPC we may have to. He is quite lactose intolerant and I am worried that my daughter will be too. So far she loves coconut oil and eats it from the jar if I am not careful.

Some of her favourite breakfasts are over easy eggs with spinach and bacon. or what she calls monster mash(mashed butternut squash, carrots, pumpkin with cinnamon, coconut milk and lots of coconut oil) This also makes a good dessert since it is all carbs.

I have tried her on BPHot Chocolate but she doesn't love hot drinks unless they are in a cool christmas starbucks cup (I am going to starbucks this weekend to ask if I can buy some empty ones!)

She does get tired of eggs though and always wants her favourites...pancakes or waffles. Occasionally I will give her coconut flour ones make with mostly eggs or a bowl of 'raisin bran' cereal made with ground nuts and raisins.

We are currently giving her omega 3's as well as vitamin D and occasionally a multi vitamin. I am having a difficult time finding proper dosing for K2 and vitamin C that doesn't have tons of sugar.

I should note that I am having a terrible time getting her off of milk. I have watered it down 50/50 but she loves cheese everything...thanks daycare! Also, how are others dealing with daycare/dayhomes. I am lucky (kind of) as I recently opened my own day home to have more time with her but I cannot afford to feel the other children as we eat(nor do their parents agree with it) so she see's others eating crap food that their parents send or that I resort to giving them for snacks.

I would love to hear what other parents are doing, recipes, etc.

Help me get my blog up and running...check it out for recipes and info



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