Best Time To Foam Roll ?

i'm trying to find out , is there an ideal time to use a foam roller in relation to timing of your workout ... i'm talking mainly about a resistance or cross-fit type workout, or sprinting, etc ( high-intensity, shorter duration)...for example, let's say i do either a brief session of 10x  100m all-out sprints , or a session of 6x6 heavy squats/deadlifts, where mainly it's the muscle fibers of my quads, calves, hips, hammies that were stressed the most.     I do this workout at noon.  Is there an ideal/optimal time to use the foam roller on the affected muscles , and if so, when ?   Should i do it immediately after the workout (let's say, at 12:30) , or should i wait a couple hours, or not even until maybe the next day ?    Obviously my goal here is to do whatever i can to maximize recovery of the stressed muscle(s) .   



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