Kava Kava Root - Thoughts? Opinions?

I searched for "kava" here on the forums, but surprisingly got no results. I just wanted to throw this out there, as I've suffered with anxiety-related insomnia for years. I'm doing other things in my life to address the daytime stuff, but still searching for a little help at beditme.


A co-worker asked me if I'd ever tried kava kava root at bedtime. I did some research, and there have been cases of liver failure/damage reported. However, those cases seem to be when people either 1) bought from a non-reputable source where quality was questionable or 2) purposely took massive doses over and over... looking to get high. Evidence seems to suggest that the danger comes from impurities... namely kava stems and leaves, which are indeed toxic to the liver and should never be included in the processing.


So. Thoughts? Recommendations? Stay the hell away from kava?


  • I've tried the Wakacon brand in hopes of having a method of falling asleep fast and efficiently but it really didn't work and had the opposite effect. 


    My best guess as for why this is is that it taxes the body, specifically the liver, and causes the user to fall asleep that way; so probably not the best option of sleep induction. I'd suggest getting the Bulletproof sleep induction mat, though I have yet to try it, it probably be the safest and most natural method of sleep induction available. 


    So in short, stay the hell away from kava.

  • Have you tried Natural Calm?

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    Have you tried Natural Calm?


    Yep, use it every night. It's good stuff, but unfortunately doesn't KEEP me asleep. I fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time--around 10:30pm, and sleep pretty well till about 3am, at which point all manner of thoughts, ideas, and worry come flooding in. I lay there awake till the alarm goes off at 5am.


    For awhile, I thought "eff it" and would just get out of bed and start my day at 3am--consoling myself by saying I had some secret advantage over the sleeping world. However, that ended up being torture, because I absolutely crashed by about noon and could barely function for the rest of the work day because I was so tired.

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    Have you investigated neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutryic acid (GABA)? Increasing that in your brain and with uping magnesium to a higher malate variety may help you relax and feel more of a sedative effect that could be helpful against anxiety.

    Kava isn`t that good really but that`s just an opinion because it was ineffective on me.

    L-Theanine is pretty good during the day.  Research Serotonin too if you haven`t. Add a good vitamin B complex or make sure your getting riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, folic acid, choline, inositol, biotin, PABA & pantothenate fixes.

    Ginseng, nettles, red clover, fenugreek, dandelion and peppermint are herbs for increasing dopamine levels.

    You could look at 5HTP too if you think dopamine is lacking.

    Whatever you decide to try just research and be aware that certain herbs and supplements can react quite badly with medications (Prozac and the SSRI medications) and or medical conditions (ADD, bipolar etc...).


    Lastly the sleep induction mat works well for us both. You should try it as ATom89 has suggested.

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