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I am a professional player in the game Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. I am an ingame leader that needs to have many things to think of and make decisions from that. To do this you need to enter the state of flow which I've been studied many years now and know it pretty well. Though, sometimes I just don't feel the motivation and are lacking the energy and mood to do this. As a leader I need to be in the present and have high cognitive abilities. When starting to lose it's sometimes hard to ignore the fact and easy to start go down the spiral of evil.


I am going to try out a product called Ciltep and Smart Caffeine next week and are hopeful this can benefit me in some way, but I also would like to ask you guys what you think could make it easier for me to have a lot of information easy accessed to the mind? Aswell something that could make me less nervous in tournament play with thousands of people spectating? Stress is easily transfered to fear and anxiety which is something that is poisonous in a team, especially in a leader.


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