How Often To Do Hiit Workouts ?

I know everyone is different, different recovery abilities, etc etc   but how many times per week could someone  do brief HIIT-type workouts , without overtraining/causing too much joint/muscle/internal inflammation  ?     I'm aware that Dave advises VERY infrequent (like maybe once a week), super-hi intensity (but very brief)  workouts , but I just wanted to see how other people felt about this .    The types of workouts I'm talking about would include :  sprinting,  crossfit-type movements (chins, deadlifts, cleans, etc etc) ,  tabatas , MMA-type stuff (sledgehammer, tire flips etc)   using bodyweight and/or resistance (kettlebells, weights etc)   .    And i'm talking about very short (timewise) such as anywhere from 4 minutes total (as in Tabata) up to maybe 15min (these times don't include warmup or cooldown)....     thanx in advance for feedback and advice !   



  • Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man
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    Depends. I actually hit the gym for my HIT routine about once every 5-14 days but use my body for other things. Sometimes I'm at the park playing with the kids trying to do American Ninja Warrior feats that the kids challenge me to do. Other times I'm roofing a section of my (or someone else's) house or doing some other manual labor. As an avid DIYer there's NO shortage of real-world ways to challenge your muscles. I also ski like a mother fuc%er when I get a chance to go out west...I make my legs burn every run down the hill and pretty much don't need to work out my legs at all during the winter. HIT's the way to go for getting the most bang for your workout buck for sure but every body is different and even during the course of a year as your activities change don't get stuck in a routine...bodies get lazy in routines so mix it up all the time. Don't let your body guess right what you're going to do any day and it'll stay ready for as much as possible--being stronger, more flexible and more durable.


    I should add that my goal isn't to be's to be able to move my body around fast and with ease and move a bunch of crap around that I need to around the house...I'm lean and strong but not doing 20+ pullups--I can do 15 at 163 lbs though. And I can do a dozen or so handstand push-ups. Here, too, your ambitions/motivations/goals determine what you do and what you'll get.

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