High Fat = Marijuana Detox?

Hey everyone quick background story followed by a theory...


I have been using marijuana daily but moderately for about ten years, in greater detail what I mean is that I use a small amount each evening but will use larger amounts on weekends and in social settings. In that period of time I have gone on breaks lasting no more than a week a handful of times but I never had the necessity to fully clear my system out before now. I am in a place where I believe it is wise I make a career move and therefore want to be proactive about the possibility of a drug test. I haven't used marijuana in 5 days. I purchased an at home urine test today as a way to make sure I confidently know when I am all clear. Shockingly I took the test today and it came back negative! In the last five days I have done nothing out of my ordinary lifestyle of eating a high fat diet, practicing IF most of the week and taking my usual vitamins and supplements (Vit, A, B, C, D, K2 and Iodine, Magnesium, Glutathione and the occasional charcoal capsule).


Considering the average detox time for a daily marijuana is around 30+ days is it possible I detoxed much faster because THC is fat soluble and I am replacing/burning fat stores much faster than the average person? If so, I am amazed ketosis isn't commonly being listed as a possible way to detox faster.


Just curious to know if anyone has additional thoughts or experiences with this?


  • I think you just have strong detox pathways and you're a good methylator, and perhaps you're also skinny?  (MJ is stored in fat cells, so it should take longer for fat ppl to remove it from their system)

  • Right you are, 20.6 BMI. I expected to detox quickly but was still shocked by these results.

  • doesn't surprise me, great data here

  • I've been thinking about this A LOT, I want to quantify it. The revelation that we've all been bullshitting eachother about this 30day minimum is big.

    The home piss pot tests are cheap - less than a dollar each.


    Any other everyday potsmokers willing to abstain long enough to find out how long it takes each of us to get clear? Got friends who will try it too? I'm thinking about starting to test 72hrs in, and testing again either on 24hr or 48hr intervals until it's clean. Does the BPC help? The experiment should involve people who aren't on BPC, keep track of fat intake and supplements too so if there is a factor here we can start to nail it down.


    This is a million-dollar question here.

  • I would LOVE to have answers to this. I think something that would really help quantify this is a test or device that measured levels of THC, not just pass/fail. This could show how quickly it was being detoxed from the body.  Although I have now taken two home tests and passed I am still nervous a lab might find it in my system. I am thinking about either getting tested at a lab to be sure or buying a more expensive test to verify.

  • Keep in mind the cheap tests are less reliable and have higher tolerances. 


    McDonalds isn't testing their employees with the same test the CIA uses. 

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    This is great timing. I'm doing Tim Feriss' NOBNOM challenge (no booze no masturbation for the month of August) and my girlfriend asked if I would want to do marijuana too since I just moved and don't have access to marijuana locally yet. I've been a daily user for about 3 years, and my BMI is about 26, so we can see if it takes me longer compared to MAG's 5 days. I smoked the last of it last night, so i'll hold off at least until my test comes in clean.


    Excited to do some n=1 on this with everyone.

    On a hilarious side note I just discovered and Tweeted to Dave, Homer Simpson has been Bulletproof since at least 1997.




  • I smoke a little less than you do, MAGN3t5 and I get random drug tests for work (the ones they send to a lab) for the past 10 years. Every time I get tested I get nervous because it's always under 30 days since I last smoked. For one test, I had smoked a half of a cigarette size J all by myself, and they say you can't mask it if you smoke the day before. but I loaded up on Riboflavin to make my pee yellow and drink as much water as I could and I even passed that test.


    I forget the parts per million but all those test allow up to a limit... or can't detect below a limit... I think they design those tests to weed out abusers not users, but I admit I'm pulling that outa' my ass..

  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    A colleague of mine who never smoked weed told me they found HTC in her urine... I wish I was pissing phones too. :D

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

  • pmrtnzpmrtnz Peter Martinez

    We should all use the same tests. Please let me know the name and brand of the test you use, Seth. I'll pick one up wherever I can find it. 

  • I love this data!   Personally, the morning after I decide to break my marijuana habit, (which may be smoking continuously for 4-5 months) the ultimate goal is loading up my body with BP coffee and heavy fats in with the rest of the day fasting.  That way, I'm craving all my nutrition the next day and from there it takes about a week for me to fully recover and detect no THC or CBD in my blood.

  • any updates on ya'lls n=1 experiment???

  • I second this. Seth, any info? Everybody? How are all my pot heads out there? :smile:

  • I've got almost the same situation and have passed it easily thanks to advice of my best friend, he passes test on his work place every year in such a way. So if you would like to pass I recommend these THC detox drinks and you can be sure you will pass anyway.

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