Why Does Noopept Make Me So Irritable?

Two of the main negative responses to noopept I have had is irritability/anger and slight anxiety thats an overall weird feeling. This usually happens with my second dose in the day. I took l-heanine today with my second dose, that got rid of the anxiety and weird feeling and I was slightly less irritable but not much. However, I had trouble breathing, like short breaths and hard to get a full breath and slightly tired. I dunno what gives here but its getting annoying. My first dose things are good, second not so much, still positive effects but also these negative ones. If the first dose would last longer then like 4-6 hours then I wouldn't take a second dose. I'm starting to wonder if I have an allergy or something. Any ideas?



  • I should also mention my second dose of noopept makes me really hot and sweaty sometimes That's really annoying too.

  • If I dose twice I get pretty irritable. Taking one 10mg-15mg dose is my sweet spot, anything over that and my mood goes to poop. 

  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence

    Try adding some CDP choline when you take the L Theanine. This could help with increasing your mood. Sounds like it's more of a "patience" based thing. I know that on some of my more potent stacks I become more irritable or frustrated, and looking back on it it always seems to be dealing with me losing my patience wtih a person or situation. It could be due to how some of my stacks gave me a rushed focused feeling, that had me primed on what I was doing and getting it done.


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