Healthier Fudgsicles!

Obviously not 100% bulletproof, but hey, if you feel like "cheating" - this is definitely a healthier option than........ THOSE CRAPTASTICAL Fudgsicles you will find in the frozen section of your grocery store!


These are high protein, sugar free, fruit free, soy free, wheat free and vegan!


I may or may not have consumed three of them in the making of this video! ;)



  • Awesome idea, I've found grocery store shopping quite depressing, now more than usual, to be surrounded by "food" but with nothing to eat and seeing fellow citizens mindlessly consume the slow drip death banquet laid out before them makes me sad. It's nice to know that there's a healthier and tastier version of push pops out there. Definitely looking forward to what you'll create next.

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