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Anyone have experience with

Was name dropped at the end of mattias Ribbing podcast.

The site looks exactly like a scam site,

But mattias impressed me so much on the podcast that I decided to ignore my intuition and sign up for it.

It's not allowing me log into the member part of the site and the customer service department hasn't replied to my request (it's been under 24 hours to be fair, but very poor service given the cost).

Has anyone had positive or negative experiences with the site?

If it turns out to be a total scam, it brings a lot of peoples reputation into question.

Will update my findings/impressions on this thread as things develop



  • So, early afternoon (Just under 24 hour window) I received an email from their technical support apologizing for the problem. Access has been granted to the site.

    Exploring the introductory pages, I am impressed (relieved might be the better word). 

    Going to practise the course as focused as possible in the next couple months, will report back here with review.

  • Thanks Jordan. Look forward to hearing more, as I am interested in this as well.
  • First 2 hour lesson made my head explode (so much concentration required) and couldn't finish it all in the allotted time, but very interesting nonetheless.

    As I am still yet to be convinced of the extent of the systems validity, I searched the internet a little more on the system. Stumbled upon an interesting memory website and by far the most detailed/unbiased review of the site that I could find.

    2nd post, fantastic review and highly recommended reading. My (little) experience, in the course has shown me his review is likely accurate.

  • Just read it. Very interesting. I still lean towards wanting to learn this, but the cons that the review pointed out are definitely a deterrent.
  • Please let us know how it goes! I was also thinking about doing this but it seems like a pretty huge time commitment, so when I commit I want to commit to the RIGHT thing.

  • Very interested in this 

    Please update us on your progression 

  • Please, keep us informed about your progress.

  • give us an update!

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    Hello guys,

    I am a Pmemory student and mine is the other way round-I became recently aware of the bulletproofdiet through Memory Champion and Grandmaster Mattias Ribbing...I slowly began making changes in my diet towards the bpdiet as he mentioned that this diet improved his endurance in memory competitions but finally went all in after the video interview by Dave Asprey, found here;

    I have seen my body show increased resilience.There is no turning back from this awesome diet; Man! A++ for quality stuff from Dave Asprey.

    Anyways I wanted to make a tiny contribution to this thread. I have seen some people from the bulletproof community join pmemory and give positive feedback on their progress with the course..

    I could suggest anybody interested, to login and engage this students u see above if you are going to buy the course

    screenshot of an example


    Below is a link to the thread on this discussion in the pMemory forums


    [general non student forum titled Mattias Ribbing on the Bulletproof podcast]


    p.s: I heard Mattias is going to be on the bulletproof conference that starts in 2 days. You dont want to miss that!

  • That site is full of bold and promising claims, which I would believe are valid, I just can't throw 300 bucks on the course right now.  I might buy a single lesson and see how I fare.  Please do keep us informed with your experiences there.

  • I purchased the course several years ago and I read the ebook offered on the site. Get the free ebook.   It contains the instructions on how to do the techniques from the first 4 or 5 lessons of the course.

  • I did Lesson 1, Exercise 1... It was memorizing like 20 random words in order (something I definitely never would've been able to do before I was turned onto this and found it for use), using the "chain" method.  In 15 minutes or less I memorized them and could recite the string while distracted by the TV.  It's 5:00 am the next day and I can still recite the string.  I was quite impressed by this.  The second exercise was much harder and I put it off until later (great initiative!).  


    Shit's legit.

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    I personally have tried the pmemory program. I cannot confirm the wild claims because I unfortunately had to give up on the program since I have quitted after 8 days.


    Yes, the first days of the training were amazing, as I learned about tricks to memorize long chain of objects/numbers.




    On the flip side, it is EXTREMELY time consuming (1h30-2h a day of training) and I believe it is not useful in day to day life. 


    As I requested a refund, I must say I was very dissatisfied with the customer service. I ended up receiving 50% of the money I spent on the program. 


    As I made more research, I found out most of the information he provides can be obtained for free. 


    I give 1/5 to  this program. It probably won't make you a language expert. Or else.


    Maybe a card counter.

  • Hi guys,


    I came across this topic - I see that it is quite a few months old but thought I'd add my comments as I have experience of PMemory.


    I'm currently on lesson 50, so I think my comments are based on some actual knowledge :)


    Is PMemory legit?  Absolutely.  Is PMemory a 'quick fix'?  Absolutely not!


    PMemory uses a number of approaches that are common to other memory improvement systems (Cicero, figurative coding etc).  What PMemory has that other systems do not have is a structure to cohesive learning - in other words an approach to learning books, being able to memorise things like lectures in real time, and approaches to abstract concept learning. 


    These tools take time to learn and they only become effective with practice...and here's the rub: many people want a quick fix.  Some of the things that PMemory teaches can be learned and applied very quickly.  Some of it cannot.  Could you do PMemory in 60 days as claimed - yes, you could, but you'd need to incredibly receptive and able to make things reflexive in incredibly quick time.  I personally have been doing the PMemory course seriously for about 4 months now and [email protected] still not finished - I decided to take things much more slowly.  I train every day and use Memory Master to train on figurative codes every day too.  It's hard work but the benefits are well worth the effort. 


    PMemory is 100% about application - applying the skills in real life in order to make them a part of how you work and who you are.  Are there other systems out there?  Of course there are: Dominic O'Brien, Tony Burzan, Dr Furst...the list goes on.  They all have great strengths but one fundamentally common weakness: they all look at specific skills (learning numbers, remembering telephone numbers and lists) but they don't have a comprehensive approach to learning.  PMemory is a complete learning approach that culminates in you being able to memorise books.  Having reached the later stages of the course I can tell you that this is true - is it 'magic'?  No :).   The coding process takes effort, but it works 100%.  I wish this approach had been around when I was at school :)


    Hopefully anyone else reading this forum will find something useful in my experience with PMemory.  Last word on subject:  if you are not willing to put in time and effort then don't bother with PMemory because you will not get the benefit and you will soon become frustrated and disillusioned.  But if you are willing to work then the benefits are amazing...

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    Can someone suggest an alternative to pmemory? I'm thinking that once my memory is good enough, I'll sign up for pmemory. I have a good memory but being recently insomniatic has hurt my memory.

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