How Often Should I Wash My Face?

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I've gotten my sleep hacking down and my diet is in check, now I want to start taking care of my skin. I've been using natural oil soap (This is what I'm using right now for my face and body when I shower, which has helped a lot. I've also started using natural oil lotion ( As a guy, this is all really new to me and so I want to get some advice. I've been using the soap on my face everyday, should I use it less? I just purchased this facial scrub to try and get rid of my blackheads and white heads, how often should I use it?


  • Anybody?

  • I find using coconut oil to wash my face is better than anything else as it softens as well as cleans. I then use emu oil which is anti inflammatory.  You can wash it daily. I'd stay away from any kind of soap personally.

  • Honestly I switched a while ago to just rinsing in the shower and my skin has never looked better. Sometimes I will clean it with some raw honey ( i just rub it on in the shower when the water is warm, and when I turn the temp colder for my last minute or so, I wash it off) and I will try and use a mask about once a week, but that doesn't always happen. I used to use soap, toner, moisturizer, and my skin would be greasy and shiny  Now I just let it do its thing and it looks a lot better..

  • You need to cleanse-tone-treat-protect-(i guess the last one is moisturize). 

  • I've been "oil cleansing" now for about 2 months and I'm amazed at how well my skin looks. This is for the face only though.

    I used jojoba oil and only 10% caster oil.
  • i hadn't used any soap or anything for about a year and was just fine. on a whim i tried this stuff recently:


    it does seem to make my skin look a little smoother i guess. and it smells nice, but i'm feeling more and more like our skin (and whatever lives in it) is capable of taking care of itself without the intervention of nice-smelling products. 

  • Love Organic Complexion natural skin care line out of Canada.  The advanced cleansing clay blended with a bit of micro polish cleans without soap.  Follow this with ultimate solution finished with rehydrance nite or day depending on skin type.  The formula is designed to minimize production of the cause of blemishes.  They have a clay cleaner recommended for acne too.  Met the product developer in Bellingham WA at my favorite salon.  He was doing skin care demos.  That was almost 10 years ago and I still think haven't found a product that is better or more natural.  He developed the products to cure his own skin issues.  Best skin care bio-hack ever!

  • I personally will wash my face twice a day. I think that it really helps out in the long run. I have an oily face, so I kind of have to if I want to keep my skin looking fresh. But you can wash your face everyday.

  • I was my face daily and exfoliate once or twice a week. But make sure you moisturize.



  • One great thing about the BP diet is that the healthy fats do wonders for the skin. Personally, I wash with a gentle soap every morning, and some days I use an exfoliant instead. hen toner, then moisturize with clean oils and creams. Get a facial every season if you can - they manually get the crap out of your pores.


    Never washing with soaps is cool, but you are at more risk of accumulating junk in your pores and getting enlarged, clogged pores. If I were a no-soaper, I'd definitely get regular facials, and/or exfoliate a few times a week. 

  • If we are talking about whether the face is clean or not clean...basically "washing" it is the key word. However, if we want to make our face looks youthful, we might be considering few products available in the market. This is what I do.


    a) after wake up from the sleeping, a plain water wash for the face is alright due to sleeping under the fan or air-cond the whole night.

    b ) going out, put a good quality sun-burn product on face :ph34r: as well as hands. Probably anti aging cream as well during rainy days.

    c) during the bath, i would use anti-acne face wash product.

    d) before going back to bed, putting lotion or aloe vera gel for the face to repair any damage skin.


    Based on experience, the expensive product would be the good quality sun-burn as well as anti-aging cream for youthful appearance.



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    I wash my face once or twice a day.


    -Evan Healy Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk

    -Clarisonic Smart Profile (every day)

    -Alitura Clay mask (2x a week)


    It's an expensive routine, but having clear, healthy skin is worth it to me.


    I'm not blessed with good skin naturally, so the whole "just wash with water" doesn't work for me.

  • Most dermatologists recommend you wash twice a day (morning and evening). That is the pattern I follow myself. I personally prefer to use organic products as they are less harsh on your skin. I follow my facial cleanse with an organic toner and moisturizer. I have following that cycle for several years now, and I like to think my skin looks pretty decent. 

  • i've never been much of a soap-on-the-face kinda person, and as of a few years ago, i've given up soap except for my hands or feet when appropriate.  i often do a cold splash.  i do not wear sunscreen, despite having light skin (now pretty tanned) and living at 7,000 ft in a very sunny place.  after showering, or even if i haven't just rinsed my face, i put some kind of oil on my face (usually my whole body these days).  recently, i've been using a mix of MCT and olive oil infused with plantain leaf and lemon balm leaf.  i don't really get blemishes too often, maybe premenstrually every now and again.  occasionally, i'll mix up some oil and salt and use that as a scrub all over my body, and very gently on the face.  i'd rather get it done professionally; its a salt glow and it feels sooooo good!

  • Just think about what our skin has evolved to do over the last 200k years that humans have been around.  Most of the time, we have not been cleaning our face daily and slathering it modern chemicals.  Most of the time, it has probably been pretty oily and evolved to be that way.  That being said, I do wash my face twice daily.  Just remember comon sense and moderation.  Go easy on all the chemicals companies are trying to market to you.  They do not have your best interest in mind, they only want to make a buck, so don't believe everything that the lable says it will do :)

  • I haven't used soap on my face since I was a pimply faced teenager.  Probably shouldn't have then either, but I was eating tons of gluten containing foods and lots of sugar too so that probably explained the bad acne.  These days, I only wash my face when I take a shower and it's only lightly scrubbed with a washcloth.  Sure I do shave, I'm a man, but I don't even use shaving cream.  I used to have really oily skin but eating a higher fat diet has actually curtailed that, of course I'm older now and I live in the desert so there's a few variables that go into it.  15 grams of collagen a day also has made a huge difference in my skin. 


    Currently I only shower a few times a week.  I know that might sound gross, but it's after the gym days when I use the IR sauna.  I've had zero complaints from family and coworkers, even my wife didn't know I wasn't showering a much anymore until I told her.  What I have found works best to keep B.O. at bay has been a once daily routine of a  16 oz of purified water with a tbsp. of Bentonite Clay in it and 4 charcoal caps.  This equals no B.O.  If I skip it or forget, then yeah, it's time for a shower.  I use no deodorant at all and absolutely no sunscreen. 


    In an ideal world, I'd have a natural swimming pool (no chlorine/chemicals) that I'd wade out into daily and scrub down with a washcloth or a pumice stone.  That's about as primal as I think I could get.


    As for the face though, I shave 5 x/week with no products and scrub with a washcloth in a warm shower and that's it, no soap, no shampoo.  No blemishes. 

  • Twice in a day I do face wash. After every wash I am applying oil free moisturizer as my skin is oily.

  • Washing your skin too much will take of the protective oils and your skin will dry out and overproduce more oils, giving you pimpels etc.
    I think washing everyday with water is okay but go low on the soap and most important is to put oils on your skin.
    I use edible almond oil regularly for my baby and me (sometimes I get my husband into it too) and Brain Octane is highly recommended.

  • I never wash my face. I shave in the shower, so I am by default getting the shaving lotion washing part of my face every two days. I had oily skin when I was younger, that has helped. I am almost 50 and people think I am late '30's.

  • I'm 62 and have always been a girly-girl type.....using lotions, potions, etc. This past year i've gotten fed up with the hype of what this product or that product will do, then doesn't do, and with seeing nothing but women in their 30's or 40's praising the wonders of the latest anti-wrinkle product. Now my routine is to wash my face morning and night with a very mild cleanser, then use Argan oil on my face and coconut oil on the rest of my body. The older i get, the more i believe in "Simplify, simplify..."

  • I've been using my coffee grounds (after making coffee) with good results in addition to a charcoal mask (egg whites + charcoal) Dave also recommends vitamin c powder and mct oil for skin, but I have yet to find a way to effectively mix those things in... maybe just soak it all in the coffee grounds?

  • As someone with Rosacea and breakouts. I have to wash my face when I wake up, after workouts, and before bed, or I will DEFINITELY break out. Not sure if you're looking for rec's but my favorite has activated charcoal and it's called Purifying Black Facewash. Made locally in Los Angeles by Organic Radiance Skincare.

  • I wash my face twice a day. In the morning I use matte cream under the makeup. In the evening moisturizing cream. I have oily skin.

  • @travelforlife said:
    As someone with Rosacea and breakouts. I have to wash my face when I wake up, after workouts, and before bed, or I will DEFINITELY break out. Not sure if you're looking for rec's but my favorite has activated charcoal and it's called Purifying Black Facewash. Made locally in Los Angeles by Organic Radiance Skincare.

    There's Wheat Protein and sugar in that....

  • Wash your face at most twice a day. Choosing a cleanser is very important. Always seek a doctor's opinion on the type of cleanser that suits you. Non-comedogenic ones are always preferred. So give those a try!

  • I'm not one to mix up my skin care routine too often.If it is working, I stick with it. Cleanse, exfoliate, toner, moiturizer and I am out the door. I will do a face mask every weekend or so, I like activated charcoal. Sometimes I get creative and make a scrub out of sugar and coconut oil, with a little essential oil in it for scent. I let my skin be my guide.

  • To prevent breakouts, wash your face after working out. Excessively oily skin should be washed during morning and night Sensitive skin should be washed once daily, preferably in evening. Actually the jury is still out on how often should face be cleansed, it does depend a lot on skin type and moisture content.

  • Let your skin be your guide. Generally, twice a day should be enough. But your skin will let you know what it needs. Keep in mind that oily skin needs LESS washing, not more. Excess washing can cause your skin to dry out and then produce even more oil.

  • Twice a day is good for me. Beside that, I also use natural skin care products. You can read my article about Skincare Routine

  • It's okay to wash your face with soap or facial scrub just don't overuse them. Just give it at least twice a day. You may also use Vitality26 organic face cream to hydrate and moisturize your skin. This is good for both men and women.

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