Fasting Before Body By Science?

I do a Body by Science  workout 1x/week in the late morning and generally fast before it. t, with the exception of BPC. I then have lunch around 12:30 or so...


I'm thinking of changing my training time to 11:30, which means I wouldn't be able to have lunch until after 1. Normally that's not a problem, in terms of hunger, but I worry about waiting that long to eat especially when I'm trying to squeeze in 60 plus grams of protein over the course of that afternoon/evening. I don't want to eat too much protein too close together in time ...But want to make sure to get enough protein in total after such a high intensity training day.   


Wondering if people see any problem with the timing of such a training. From everything I've read, it seems to be a good thing to train I'd like to keep that part up.


  • Training fasted: fine, but probably best to do intense training like BBS within a few days of your refeed, so your muscles still have plenty of glycogen in them. 


    Training time in relation to eating: also fine, but eating immediately after is probably marginally to considerably better. I don't have enough research to be sure on how much better, but I've seen enough data to be sure it's at least marginally better. If the goal is fat loss over muscle growth or strength increases, there might be reasons to not eat right after. But I'd argue HIIT may be better than BBS in that case. 


    I hope you are eating considerably more than 60g protein on training days, and also on non-training days unless you are very tiny. 


    Too much protein too close together in time: the whole "your body can't absorb more than 30g protein at a time" thing is overblown. There are some other threads on here with data. No more than 30g at a time may be optimal but on the other hand there was a study with older women showing that 80g all at once was absorbed better than spread out. 

  • Uh oh!! I've been following Ron Rosedale's formula for protein which involves me eating about 47-55 grams per day (including 1-2 days of protein skipping /week). This formula helps to keep me in ketosis. Or at least I think. I'm not interested in weight loss, only in optimal health (maintaining muscle mass, etc.).


    On work out days, I add about 10 more grams of protein. I haven't been following the links here, but i've heard a lot of people say that one should eat no more than 21 grams per meal, otherwise the rest gets turned into sugar. I think theres something to that. I know it totally takes me out of ketosis when I eat much more protein than that at a time.


    Lastly, I've read Doug McGuff say it is important to wait at least 45 minutes after a high intensity strength training, as your body won't be able to absorb the protein anytime before then.


    Would love to know people's thoughts on all of this.  


    Also, what is BBS?

  • BBS stands for bulletin board system:



    It is where people used to go to pirate software before torrents.

  • OK, perhaps BbS? And there were also legitimate uses for bulletin board systems! I'm not sure what they were though. 


    @Eilee66: I was using BBS as "Body By Science." The question of how much protein is needed is not settled in my opinion. If you follow the calculation for minimum protein on a sedentary day over in Jason Miller's BPing the Athlete thread, I think you'll find the minimum is quite a bit more than 55g. Also most equations for protein based on body weight or lean body mass will also put you higher.


    BUT obviously you'd know if you were wasting away. I myself have reduced protein recently for better ketosis, but I'm in the 80-100g range depending on activity. At the end of the day if you're maintaining muscle mass, definition, and strength, it's harder to argue your protein isn't adequate (though the argument would be that perhaps you could be using protein for less visible stuff like connective tissue.) However if you want to increase muscle mass / strength and are having trouble, more protein is generally the answer. 


    Personally I'm beginning to think that for me at least, being in ketosis and building muscle are mutually exclusive, so I may have to cycle different protocols. 


    This is why Bulletproof involves experimentation. Track and see what works for you. You've already got quantitative data on grams of protein, perhaps keto sticks or keto blood monitor, weight, number of reps in the BbS workout, measuring tape, and qualitative data on how you feel during the workout and look in the mirror. Track and adjust. 

  • I train fasted every morning from 6:30am – 8am on one Bulletproof Coffee and don't normally eat until around 3pm. I do take 4g of BCAAs before and after training and average around 90-100g of protein each day, I'm around 170lb at the mo. I do train 6 days a week and at the moment on days when I lift heavy weights I have a sweet potato that day and eat 85% lindt. On days I don't lift, I have an extra egg instead of the sweet potato and eat 90% lindt (other food is the same) to get a little less carbs in. 


    Currently I'm trying to increase strength, burn fat and not increase muscle (as in bodyweight). I've found high protein doesn't seem to make a huge amount of difference to me and probably is being converted into carbs if I have too much while low carb. A high carb day is 90g and a low carb day is around 40g.


    Not sure if this fluff piece is of any use.



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