I'm Super Intolerant To Probiotics And Fermented Foods

The only adequate explanation to my intolerance of most pre and probitic foods and supplements is SIBO. I've finished an herbal protocol which seemed to really stop the persistent small intestinal bloating and occasional insomnia and fatigue that persisted despite having been strict paleo since 2011. 


Now I'm at the step where everyone says to take probiotics. I'm finally not chronically constipated and I'm not sensitive to FODMAPs too much anymore. But if I take probiotics or fermented foods for several days, I end up feeling as foggy and fatigued as I was before paleo. It's basically the same symptoms as the flu except for the respiratory infection. The fatigue, anxiety, and fog and achy muscles and joints. 


I have never been on oral antibiotics and the main thing I can think of that may have thrown my gut off was having worked on an ambulance for ten years. 


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    What are your dosages for the fermented foods and probiotics?

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    Thanks to the internet, health experts, and my unending curiosity, I have overcome: excessive sweating (adrenal fatigue), anxiety and panic attacks, extremely high estrogen levels (man boobs), chronic brain fog (yeast overgrowth), depression, and am currently battling SIBO (took it from being so bloated it felt like my stomach skin was going to rip, slept 2 hours per night for a week because of upset stomach and being chronically fatigued to very mild, manageable but still annoying symptoms) and currently battling sleep deprivation/insomnia probably due to the SIBO/Leaky Gut and resulting histamine intolerance.

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