Grapeseed extract - safety

Hey guys,

Does anyone know about the safety of GSE?

I've been using the following product, squeezing drops in my mouth a few times a day, and it just makes my sinuses feel fantastic: ... cr_pr_pb_t

However, I remember Dave saying something about GSE being contaminated or synthetic or something along those lines. Anyone know whether it's okay for me to use this stuff consistently? It's really been a godsend.



  • I like MASQUELIER"S OPCs GRAPESEED EXTRACT. Masquelier was the first guy who isolated those opcs, and his method seems to be very reliable in terms of quality. That's the only one I trust out of all grapeseed extract products. I buy the one sold by nature's way and works awesome for relieving nosebleeds.

    Always take OPCs with vitamin C (50mg opc/500mg vit C) to maximize activity.

    Cheers 8-)

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