Rapid Fat Loss Protocol Questions

Hi, I am planning on trying out the protocol but I am not understanding a couple things.


1) Is it just drinking bulletproof coffee as stated in step #3 on the site, if not then what are you supposed to eat and what calorie requirements are you looking for.

2) from my understanding this is a 6 day fast (bp coffee and supplements alone)



Kind of confusing as I was reading it on the website.




  • 2x bulletproof coffees all drunk before lunch time.


    Pure butter at night if hungry, L-glutamine to help carb cravings is also useful.


    Make sure you follow detox protocol and take supplements as they are stated on RFLP.


    Max 6 days fasting, on Day 7 eat a lot of sweet potato and protein. I like doing chicken and sweet potato + a salad with a mix of veggies and nuts for re-feeds.

  • awesome, thank you so much for the clarification.

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