Wellnessfx Wellness Fx Premium Package Blood Analysis Lab Test Question

I would like to do the WellnessFx Premium package but wish I could have gotten a full panel before I started taking any supplements.  I've been taking supplements for years.    


How long would I have to take off from supplements to get to a point that would estimate my levels before taking anything i.e. my virgin natural baseline lab values?  1 month?  I know it depends on how long I've been taking stuff, type/ quality of the supplement, fat soluble versus water soluble, etc.


I would really like to stop taking things I don't actually need (and hopefully save some money in the process).   I know so many who don't take anything and are super healthy (and successful).




  • Why don't you take one now, and one after you're off supplements for a while to compare? That's probably the route I'd take.

  • So that the supplements don't have a direct affect on the test stop taking them one week before, but if you have been taking supplements for quite a while they will still influence the results .... for example if you have been taking Vitamin D for one year it is possible that the levels where low a year ago but now they could be ideal and without supplementation it could take a while for the levels to drop, but if you take Vitamin D right up until the test the levels will be falsely elevated.


    Do the test after stopping the supplements for a week and then retest in 6 months to assess your levels after dropping supplements you did not need

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  • Most of the tests in the WellnessFx panel, if not all of them, will not be affected by your day to day supplements. They are longer term markers, so stopping for a week is not likely to make a big impact on them.


    Just get tested "as you run". What your question should be is: Am I running my lifestyle the best way (including supplements, exercise, food etc.)?


    So just do the test with your normal lifestyle, and if anything comes up - then that will be a suggestion that you should think about doing experiments to change certain aspects of that lifestyle - whether it be supplements or other.

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  • I've always wondered. Can't you request the same tests on wrellnessfx from your doctor and save all that money?
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