Curing Tendinitis With Led Phototherapy

I'm looking for ways to domestically cure my Achilles tendinitis. I saw loads of proof on positive effects of laser phototherapy, yet virtually none on led phototherapy, to an extent in which sources suggest that it might be not efficient at all (check "Lasers vs. LEDs in the Scientific Literature"), yet my belief is that it's simply the relative low LED power being used in the trials, as from what I understand they were basically using the same amperage for lasers (coherent light) and led (incoherent light), effectively having less power for a given wavelength (or is it just me talking bullshit?).


In one of the talks, Dave mentions using an "880nm fir led 170 mw over vermis", comparing it to lasers from trials it is about 80% stronger (e.g. LPT (810 nm; 100 mW; 10 s, 30 s and 60 s; 3.57 W/cm2; 1 J, 3 J, 6 J) [1]), so perhaps by taking a similar led of 170mw or higher would be enough to penetrate my tissue? Thus my main question being: is it merely a matter of adjusting LED power and wavelength in order for it to penetrate the tissue or is it that LED light would prove completely inefficient regarding deep tissue repair and could only work on skin care? (in such case, why would it stimulate brain in the case brought to light by Dave above?)


Have any of you:

- found scientific papers regarding the matter?

- had any experience with the matter?

- know any posting board where I could seek additional advice?


Or, maybe it'd be more convenient to buy one of the cheap lasers from ebay and build the laser version myself?


Any comments on this would be much appreciated.







1. Marcos R L, Leal Junior E C P, Messias F de M, de Carvalho M H C, Pallotta R C, Frigo L, dos Santos R A, Ramos L, Teixeira S, Bjordal J M, Lopes-Martins R Á B. Infrared (810 nm) low-level laser therapy in rat achilles tendinitis: A consistent alternative to drugs. Photochem Photobiol. 2011; 87 (6): 1447-1452.



  • Is it Tendinitis or Tendinosis?


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    To clarify it is neither of the two, the doctor being unsure about the diagnosis as ultrasonography didn't show any sign of rapture or inflammation meaning it was probably some mild yet still significant change and would require costly RMI to investigate further, yet the most plausible cause being the inflammation of tendon sheath, affecting vaginae tendinum.

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