From Paleo To Reptilian Diet?



We evolved from the water, right? We still have a reptilian brain down deep somewhere, right? Maybe there is a prehistoric link to what we ate when we were fish (other fish ... fatty ones?) and our ability to metabolize fats? (And, with evolution, our preference for carbs.) Just testing out a thought.


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    I have always thought that our mammalian brain is different than a true reptilian brain if one exists. So in theory mammalian humanoids would be different than reptilian humanoids. Missing links!

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  • Different fish eat different things. Whale sharks eat plankton, Great White sharks eat seals, Pacu of the Amazon eat fruit and nuts, lampreys suck blood, some bottom dwelling fish eat detritus. 


    Same is said of reptiles and humans. Except I don't think that there are many reptiles that eat detritus. Plenty of people eat shit though. 


    Our reptilian humanoid overlords don't eat at all they just suck the life force energy from the mammalian humanoids.  :wink:

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