Cacao And Maca

I was wondering if anyone had any experience preparing cacao properly? I'm Panamanian and in Panama the Kuna natives have one of the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease, and it is supposedly attributed to their consumption of cacao by a Harvard study that took 20 years to finish (so I heard). Regardless, most people who are bulletproof are aware of the benefits of cacao, but the Kuna natives and many other cultures in Central and South America prepare the cacao very differently from what we do here. They ferment it for long periods (4-12 days), stone ground it, and then cook it in water to make hot chocolate (with bananas). We've all heard all the hype about raw cacao, and even the bulletproof chocolate powder is advertised as raw. But others, such as the weston price foundation, chris mastetrjohn, Chris Kresser and many others warn us about the extremely high levels of phytic acid.  Does anyone know of a good brand of cacao that is fully fermented? The Upgraded chocolate doesn't say if it's partially fermented (1-3 days) or fully fermented (4+ days). And does anyone know how long you should cook it for? 


On another note, I'm looking for a good gelatinized maca powder that is low in mycotoxins. I've tried a few raw maca powders and they didn't make me feel that great. Now I'm looking for a gelatinized one low in mycotoxins to try that out. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated. 


  • Hey there! I haven't vetted or even tried the Upgraded Cacao products yet as I still have quite the stockpile of Longevity Warehouse's brand.


    However I do know where to find good quality maca and it is also at the Longevity Warehouse.



    Now this is a "gelatinized powder" version, but it is gelatinized. I cannot vouch for it nor would I even want to buy it from them. Reason being, if you live in the US your shipping costs will be easily managable. However, being in Canada, I get completely eaten by shipping costs ($70!!!!) and it takes almost two weeks to arrive at my door.


    Upgraded Self has $20 shipping costs and my last order arrived two days after I placed it! Talk about bulletproof :)


    Hopefully that helps, and if you try the maca let me know. I love the taste, but after I heard Andy and Dave discuss maca I haven't touched it yet!


    Longevity's cacao is awesome though! Every version of it doesn't give me any side effects. Just chocolatly bliss.


    All the best!

  • ok maybe I´ll just go ahead and try the upgraded chocolate. I live in Austin Texas and they sell most of the upgraded products here so I don´t have to pay for shipping!


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