Hacking Minor Joint And Tissue Injuries - Dmso?

So let me first thank the community here and our founder for pointing me toward bulletproof coffee and ketogenic awareness, it's rapidly changing my life.  It began with a cup of yak tea for me as well right here at Lhasa which is a small Tibetan restaurant in Northampton Ma where I had a cup of Yak butter tea about 2 years ago.  My mind was briefly in the clouds that afternoon and was catching intellectual thermals like a hawk on a mission.  So when I stumbled across Dave's information I knew immediately that what he was describing was true and would work.  So thank you Tibet.  Thank you Lhasa.  Thank you Dave Asprey! 


Now to my point, I am dog walker.  I spend a bunch of time in the woods walking on gnarly trails with typically two dogs on lead.  That's a lot of foot pounding.  Occasionally, like yesterday, it goes bad and a protruding rock under some thick sawgrass along the trail presents an unfavorable angle for bipedal ambulation.  I was half hour into the woods with one of my favorite dogs when bam, a small triangular protruding piece of stone flipped my ankle like a flapjack.  I howled and the dogs stopped and looked at each other and exchanged the old "uh oh" look.  I began to walk it off (this was not my first sprained ankle rodeo) and began back down the trail.  Sometimes it's best to keep going right away if you have to get out and you're certain it's not busted.  I knew it was a bad sprain from the level of pain, not a 9-10 but definitely up there on the scale maybe a 7 for me.  I had a nine on that ankle a year and ago which literally kept me off my feet for 3 days.  This was not that, but it hurt nonetheless.  I still had to finish the walk then take my son to his football practice a 40 minute drive away, then drive back, then I could put some ice on it and elevate haha. 


It was on my 40 minute drive that I decided to change gears and approach and try something new.  As part of my dog's holistic medical treatment for his cancer (it's epidemic 50% of dogs are dying of cancer stop feeding your animals CARCINOGENS) he is being given a mix of DMSO and Aloe Vera which I mix by hand and apply.  Since I research anything that is given to me, my children or my dog I looked into dmso and found that it's pretty interesting stuff.  It was used recently by an olympic skier who had a sprained wrist and twisted knee.  I believe she competed the next day and won.  


I can report that I did a real world experiment on myself last night.  I got home around 8pm (the sprain was a 2pm) and my boot felt "full" which meant my ankle was swelling.  It hurt to move on it and was definitely tightening up.  I applied the DMSO in a 70/30 ratio DMSO to Aloe Vera Gel and allowed it to remain on the skin for 3-4 minutes.  I must report that the the info out there about this stuff is true.  I did one more treatment before bed at 10.  


This morning I did not have initial stiffness and pain when I got out of bed!  Typically the first morning after a sprain is the worst, your injury has sat all night tightening up and it's bad.  This morning I'm quite frankly amazed at how it's doing.  Yes I still have soreness and pain, but NOTHING like I should have from the degree of sprain I got yesterday.  I howled loudly and I'm not a pain wuss.  


Anyway, look it up and the next time you have a soft tissue injury give it a try, I think you might be amazed, I was.  Oh yeah and the FDA thinks you should not know about this stuff.  It's only approved for one medical use at this point.  I think they were worried that it would impact the NSAID markets heavily and pose a danger to PHARMAPROFITS  Yet it has been used successfully to stop brain swelling in traumatic head injuries in humans!!!  It has literally saved the lives of folks who's TBI would have killed them.  You can find it at your local health food store or a vet supply store as it's approved for dogs and horses.  


Oh and please, you need to research it to learn how to use it, it's a solvent!  Make sure you understand how it works BEFORE you try it.  And if you do any of this stuff it's wholly your own ass, you are FULLY responsible for any actions you take or don't take with regard to what I have written here. 


DMSO Background Info Here




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