Coconut Water And Bananas To The Rescue

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So I know that this is not politically correct BP advise but......... I have been on BP for almost a year. Eating BP has helped me go from 175 to 150, eating like a pig (150 actually looks decent for my frame considering I am not weight lifting). I eat BP foods whenever I want and mostly only have carbs at night (Sweet Potato, Rice). However, if I look at it honestly, I have been hungry most of that time eating about 5 -6 times a day. It has felt like I have tapeworm.........that also has a tapeworm :wink:


I noticed that if I have rice the night before I feel a lot better in the morning. I noticed that if I have blueberries and broccoli in my morning smoothly I feel a little better.


But those have not been enough. I just starting adding a half a cup of coconut water and banana in the morning and ...........ahhhhhh, much better. My appetite seems to be back to a normal person these past few days. I surprisingly also find that I lose weight on the days I DO add more carbs to my food?? Keep in mind that I eat 99% BP foods. Trust me, I have given my body enough time to become fat adapted.


Obviously this might be a sign of gland issues, or maybe my genetics just don't respond well to no carbs in the matter how much I want it too. Or maybe a potassium issue perhaps


Either way, I figured I would post this in case someone else is experiencing this issue. My n=1 is telling me that fruits are my friend.


  • Its the long term benefits that are being debated. Sugar makes me feel good however I am under no illusions about its chronic effects.


    I agree however - I'm going to listen to my body and eat berries with the odd banana. Fruits are ok. Peter Atila has some good stuff on eating carbs while remaining in ketosis. Its not a gland "issue", - Your taking a stance that everything in the BP diet is correct and that when its not trying to find justifications - and you always will:)


    After a night out i need sugar, its a craving, and I can't shake the feeling that my body genuinely needs it, its evolution. I mean, is it so crazy that after a night out I would have low blood sugar and need sugar to balance it? 

  • n=1 is what this forum is all about.

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    I think some portion of cycling is critical to any long-term health goals.


    Evolutionarily, we didn't eat the same foods year-round. There's nothing wrong with enjoying fruits in the summer, since we're in carbo-loading mode anyway. And there's some evidence that having fruits or something sweet after your last meal is good for your brain (I think I got that from Seth Roberts or Paul Jaminet). Dave recommends a tablespoon of honey before bed, too.


    But it goes beyond seasons. In caveman days, you may have been subsisting on nuts and plants for a period of time before you landed some big game meat. I've heard lots of people having success with a diet for a few weeks, but then they don't improve further until they try something else. Each diet has some weak spots and you need to cycle through them to fill some gaps. A cleansing juice diet is great for a few weeks, but it's not something you want to live on (vegetables supply minerals, but not vitamins). You can see this phenomenon integrated in the BP diet -- that's what the autophagy protocol is.


    Finally, my guess is that your cravings are not a matter of macros, but of micros. You're missing some minerals that you weren't getting before, and now that you've found a source, your body is saying "YES MOAR".


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  • Yes I am hoping it is minerals actually, easier to take a supplement than want carbs in the morning. I have cycled through many mineral supplements though.


    In a few weeks I will move the banana and coconut water to the night time and see what happens. That will help answer that variable


    I am all over the Good calories \ Bad calories book and this message board. That is why I have refused to be believe I should eat carbs in the morning. Just decided to listen to my gut one day. Thanks for the feedback

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    Well I think the reason you are hungry all the time and you feel better with carbs is because you are not getting into ketosis.. with rice.

    Try to get through the first day without having a whole sweet potatoe or any rice at all and thne you will see how you feel in the morning with a cup of BPC.


    If you still feel bad then your body needs his glycogen stores refilled and you need to refeed!!! But I don't think that's it unless you are working out a lot and since you follow the bp diet you probably know about refeed days. If you work out try refeed days the day after working out. Helps me a lot!


    When in ketosis you will be much less hungry (usually)...

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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  • What I find interesting is that you lose weight on the days you eat carbs. There's definitely something going on there, but I have no idea what.


    You could try an electrolyte powder mix (I've been using Coco-hydro). I mix it up with MCT oil.


    I would try to dissect cravings. For instance, if you crave (dark) chocolate, your body might be wanting magnesium.

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  • Selected threads from the BP forum (Use your own signature to highlight threads that you think are important or significant)

  • I love that little chart about which cravings mean what.  But i'm curious, I crave chocolate ALL day long, especially at 11 am which is 3 hours after my BP coffee.  But i take magnesium twice a day, I eat TONS of veggies now and i also sometimes take powdered magnesium at night.  So what else could it be?  It seems like i'm taking plenty of magnesium but i still need a lot of chocolate..  Nothing wrong with having a good dose of dark chocolate, but i just see that my body is trying to tell me something.  

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