Scoop Of Protein Powder In Bp Coffee. Stay In Ketosis?

I think I heard Dave on one of his Q&A podcasts state that a scoop of Protein Powder in the coffee would not take you out of ketosis?


Does anyone have any info on this?  Anyone hacked/measured ketones for this or have any personal experience?


I understand that putting powder in HOT coffee could denature protein but after I blend the coffee/oil/butter together the temperature is vastly lowered to a drinking temperature (which is how I like it; I dont pre-heat the blender like suggested bc I drink the coffee immediately after blending and dont want it very hot)  so I think if I blend first, then add a scoop and quick blend again this would stop the denaturing process?


I have been given two containers of PaleoMeal powder (1 choc, 1 van - 1 scoop is 15g protein)


The reason I ask is I think I could use some extra protein when I wake up because I work physicallyall day remodeling houses; cutting trees and carrying wood, digging holes, carrying tiles/wood/flooringheavy objects etc, demolition work.  I sweat a good amount  and I dont want to lose muscle but I want to stay in ketosis if possible to get rid of stubburn fat.


Thanks for the input!



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