Grass Fed Lard And Tallow

Thanks in advance for the help and answers to my questions. Ive been eating on the green side for about a month and I love it. I feel and see the benefits already.  I am new to it all and have tons of questions.


I just went to my my local butcher shop "Belcampo Meat Co"   and saw in the display they have for sale pure lard and tallow. This shop is all grass fed beef, sustainable, humane, etc


Is this stuff pure gold in terms of the bulletproof diet?  

Should I use this over kerrygold butter when cooking?  

Is there anything I should be wary over?


  • Tallow. Got it.

    But is the higher amount of fat in lard better for our brains than tallow, or is the negative about lard that it is artery clogging?
  • Bump on the tallow.


    I've been rendering beef fat down to golden goodness, for $1 a pound, grass fed!


    What I do is cut it in chunks, heat it on low a bit, then put in in the blender on low, then back in the pot to simmer, then strain, then let it settle and pour off. 


    Question: is there any reason to not use the blender? Seems to speed things up a lot. I suppose another way to go is to start out by putting the chunks in a food processor, so they melt faster. 


    Is it true that tallow keeps at room temperature? 


    Personally and for many, I can imagine, it's a major break through -- butter is just too expensive! 


    And a bonus, is that you can rub it on your skin and hair, and it absorbs really well, due to animal to animal transfer of fats.

  • Animal fat generally has the same amount of fat per equal measure. Lard just has higher omega 6 levels and lower heat tolerance, but also tastes better and is higher in monounsaturated fat, so just watch your heat and make sure to get omega 3's if you use it often. Duck fat is off the charts with taste but is even higher in o6 and even more heat sensitive, again just make the proper adjustments in other areas and treatment to compensate.

    Ok. It's also extremely expensive for non-hydrogenated lard - 1$ an ounce!


    Whereas sam's club has 48 oz of virgin unprocessed coconut oil for 16$.

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