Potassium Supplement Re Kidney Function On Bp Diet

Does anyone have experience with kidney function and being on the BP diet?

I have just begun the BP diet (four days in) -I am about 60, am active but have accumulated some fat around my middle (pretty typical).  


I had blood tests done prior to beginning and plan to get them redone in a month, but thought I'd see if there is any advice re potassium supplements if I am concerned to increase my kidney function which is a bit low - creatinine level of 99umol/L (okay as normal range is 35-100), but GFR was 55 ml/min/1.73m2 (less than 60 is not recommended according to my doctor).   


the protocol recommends potassium at night.



Any suggestions or experiences you'd had?


  • Hi Hewheels,

    I've been meaning to respond to you for a while, but it's taken me a month to do so! I don't have any great support or treatments to recommend, but I'll share my experience.

    I'm 46 and recently had a blood test done where my creatinine was a bit high (1.08 mg/dl) and therefore my GFR score was on the low side (same as yours). My BUN was in the normal range. My NP didn't think it was a reason to be concerned unless I have a repeat of these results. The GFR is a calculation and I guess it can turn out wonky if something is off. I am an exerciser and she thought that this probably was the result of timing the blood draw with my exercise -- maybe I had exercise-related muscle breakdown and I just happened to have extra creatinine floating around in my system. She's allowing me to have a "do-over" with the strict requirement that I don't exercise 2 days before the test. Nothing, not even yoga. Leisure walking only. I am really low risk for kidney disease -- low-normal blood pressure, no blood sugar issues, my BMI is like 22. No family history. No toxic exposure that I know of. Some autoimmune disease in my family though. Still, very weird.

    Maybe for the time being, you could avoid potassium supplements. Those are hard on the kidneys. If you are eating plenty of vegetables, you probably won't be deficient. Don't go heavy on the salt either. You might look at being a minimalist where supplements are concerned, and look for high quality supplements.

    A lot of people fear that excess protein will harm the kidneys. The BP diet is not a high protein diet (or low protein diet, for that matter). It is an adequate protein diet. If you are concerned about the protein you eat being hard on your kidneys, just eat meat/fish in moderation.

    Also, don't worry until you have repeated tests where your GFR score is low, and you consult with a nephrologist who diagnoses you rather than a GP or similar.

    Good luck :)


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