Sweating And Itching After Morning Fat Dose (Ketosis Or Bulletproof Coffee)

I know I talk a big game about knowing where all my symptoms come from (as far as mold goes), but I've been having this issue lately where I drink about 2.5 cups of bulletproof coffee (sometimes with a breakfast of pure meat, like extremely organic pork sausage or a burger), and I start to sweat and itch, mostly on my forearms (weird).


Lately, actually, I've been getting some B.O., too, which is different than say 3 months ago. I've actually only recently started drinking coffee regularly (probably 3 months ago, actually), and I didn't really get these symptoms from drinking BP cacao tea. I don't want to give up coffee, though. It is too helpful in my work and in my mood. I hope that you all aren't going to tell me I have to give it up, LOL.

A few possibilities for the origins of these symptoms:


-Perhaps I am dumping magnesium (usually have to go to the bathroom several times throughout the morning until 2 pm lunchtime). I have heard using magnesium oil on your pits can actually resolve B.O., and I have used this method with good results, proving (at least to me) that magnesium deficits and BO are connected. Drinking coffee can cause magnesium wasting, I have read, which is weird, because it supposedly has a ton of it. Maybe that's one of the reasons it makes you start to expel magnesium and have to go to the bathroom all of a sudden? Anyone know anything about this? I still supplement with magnesium (about 250-400 mg near the end of the day/before bed), but it doesn't really fix the issue, though the BO is not usually there at night (which my wife is thankful for).


-I recently took a course of lufenuron (the most effective candida killer), which usually results in a sore throat from strep/staph bacterial overgrowth and some other weird symptoms. This was like a month ago, and it's otherwise starting to resolve into more energy and less filmy saliva (I know some of you think candida isn't a big issue, but I don't really want to argue about that right now). Perhaps I am having an overgrowth of the bacteria in the armpits that make you stink (due to the lack of yeast that are usually there fighting them off), and their die-off is causing this issue/aroma (stench I mean)?


-I am experiencing a ketosis reaction. I don't really need to burn fat (I weigh only 165 lbs---up from 155 lbs last year, due to lifting lots of weights, hopefully). However, I might be burning fat anyway, because I am fairly low carb. I eat the equivalent of a handful of rice or a half-to-a-whole sweet potato per day, along with my incidental carbs from an avocado and a handful of nuts every day. I'd like to be able to eat more carbs (like the Jaminet-recommended 50-100 g/day), but they used to make me feel entirely weak (in my opinion, from the candida overgrowth---again, don't want to argue that I have a candida issue; I am certain that I did/still kind of do), and actually when I have too much fructose from fruit or honey, I still feel dizzy, weak, or otherwise crappy pretty much right away. If this is the problem, it's kind of like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have also read that candida feeds on ketones, so I've tried to find the sweet spot where I don't get too much glucose for them to eat and not too many ketones are put out. My life is hard, LOL.


The itching/sweating sensation actually happens when I'm working out (heavy lifting/circuit training) sometimes, so that might be a clue. 


Thanks for taking my case! I trust the people in the forums more than any doctor, so thanks in advance, BP sleuths!

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