Unfair Advantage Vs. Gabawave Vs. Choline Force Vs.....

My apologies if this has been covered somewhere else. I'm a HUGE fan of Bulletproof products and I'm always willing to try something new. I just pre-ordered the Unfair Advantage, for instance. But there are increasingly so many options on this site, I just don't understand how to formulate the proper combination. I own GABA Wave, I just ordered Choline Force, and now I'll have Unfair Advantage. And I'm using Brain Octane Oil every single day. So how the heck do I keep track of what's working, what I need, and what is redundant?


If these are newbie questions, my apologies. Thanks for the help.


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    That's a fair question, but for the purposes of figuring out what works. I would stop all supplements immediately.


    First, what do you want to do? Do you want to gain/lose weight? Feel better? How do you want to feel better?


    Until you answer that question and provide some more background on yourself (male/female, weight, history, etc) there isn't any reason for us to recommend or not recommend anything.

  • Its essentially impossible. . I have noticed that, without fail, I feel consistently better after 




    (iii)red meat and greens(need I even say).


    Given I have eaten/drank the first two for the last 15 years its a big enough dataset, and the meat and greens is just such an obvious, consistent uplifting difference. 



    Some go for HRV heartmath, as its the main bio feedback indicator. In terms of how you feel its hugely variable anyway - things such as circadian rhythms, neurology, endocrine system, psychology etc would all have a part. Wait until the synergistic patterns of food come into play, where its going to be the new thing to eat certain types of food together. Even in terms of food, the timing, how it interacts with other food you eat, its insane. I just take it on faith that the guys here know what they're talking about and take the top 12 or so supplements, generally feel better. 


    O, you've also got to factor it that just because something makes you feel good, the longer term effects have to be considered. i feel great after sugar, but am under no illusions about its long term effects.(Drank a starbucks frappa today, looked at the back afterwards - 30 grams of sugar. yikes).


    If your talking supplements/vitamins/minerals - Wellness test can identify deficiencies - Expensive.

    For your neurotransmitters, you should feel a strong difference taking the supplements, taken in conjunction with the Braverman test should give you a fair indication. 


    You have to link your N=1 with science to a degree at least, and with some common sense. Its not easy :)


    Best of luck & Share your discoveries!!

  • could someone answer fitnessinpost's questions please and thank you. im interested to hear your thoughts and comments

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    The first poster is right in the sense that you need to figure out what you're going for. If you're like me and basically want every benefit there is to bio-hacking (mental performance, stamina, energy, etc...), you could do what I do and pretty much buy the entire store. So far everything I've tried from the store has worked incredibly well and I've tried well over half the stuff and continue to buy more each week.


    Some of it doesn't go together such as choline force and Alpha Brain because they have some overlap. But for the most part you can use all of it.


    If you want some advice on what sequence to buy things in based on cost/benefit ratio so you can get started the fastest, let me know and maybe we can figure something out. I don't claim to be the definitive source but I can share my experiences with the stuff as well as having taken all of the basic stuff on the BP blog such as the supplements, advanced supplements, nootropics etc.

    Biggest takeaway after several years as a hardcore biohacker: think long-term. Focus on health first before adding in boosters. It works a lot better.

  • could someone answer fitnessinpost's questions please and thank you. im interested to hear your thoughts and comments


    It's hard to answer a question that has thousands of answers. The original poster would need to give a lot more information, as OneShot stated. I've tried everything on the BP shop..loved all of it, except the AlphaBrain..I'm of the opinion it's useless, others disagree though. Everything else is top notch and I take them all together pretty much every day. Aside from the Choline force, I eat enough eggs, so I don't think there's a reason for me to take Choline Force. Mix it all with Piracetam, Oxiracetam and Aniracetam..and you're all set. CILTEP as well, if you wanted, I've knocked CILTEP from my stack, simply because it's cheaper not to take it..more so because I don't notice any effects from it now that I have all these other nootropics and supplements in me.

    That's not even counting the food I eat, so yeah..it's hard to answer a question that doesn't have much of a base to it. I will say one thing though, GabaWave is not meant to be taken every day with your other stacks, I've said it before, in my opinion, it should be only taken 4-5 times a month..and only then if it's really needed.

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  • My apologies for the lack of reply. I'm new to this forum and didn't realize I don't receive any notifications unless I'm following this topic. On other forums I get automatic notifications if it's a post I initiated.


    To answer the above questions, I'm a newbie to smart drugs and cognitive enhancement. My main goal is more focused energy and concentration to be more efficient at work. I already have a good amount of energy thanks to all the dietary changes and Bulletproof coffee. What I'm looking for is that next level of focus for intense tasks at work. I'd also like a good boost of energy and adrenaline for obstacle course races (which is a very different goal from the former, I know).


    There are so many options for cognitive enhancement in the smart drugs world now, and I'm not sure I understand how these specific products mentioned above affect me specifically, if they should be taken apart or together, etc. GabaWave had a pretty negative effect on me every time I tried it...I became REALLY tired, had much less focus, and was really lethargic. Choline Force didn't have much effect other than jaw tension (which I learned is most likely because I'm acetylcholine dominant?). I'm going to give Unfair Advantage my first try this morning.


    I'm 185 pounds, in good athletic shape (not great, still trying to shed some body fat), 34 years old. I'm a film editor working in front of a computer all day, but I have a treadmill workstation so I get a lot of low level daily activity. I also do P90X-type workouts 4-5 days a week and hike in the mountains, as well as occasionally participate in Spartan Races.


    Thanks everyone.

  • Another newcomer to the forum, and I was wondering if some of the advanced folks could answer a quick question. 


    Going to start on the Unfair Advantage tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had experience with and recommendation for:


    When to take it AM, midday, or other


    Should it be taken on an empty stomach or with food


    How does it do, mixing in the AM with the BP coffee


    If taken in the AM, will taking it with my AM salt water affect it


    Thanks everyone!  Take Care.

  • 1. When to take it AM, midday, or other


    2. Should it be taken on an empty stomach or with food


    3. How does it do, mixing in the AM with the BP coffee


    4. If taken in the AM, will taking it with my AM salt water affect it


    Thanks everyone!  Take Care.


    1. Whenever you want. Personally I like AM. It might amp you up a bit and make it hard to sleep if taken right before bed, but it can decrease the number of hours required for restful sleep. Therefore, I take it before bed only when I'm very tired, have a good pre-bed routine, and need to get up in less than 8 hours. 


    2. There have been claims that taking it with fat should theoretically aid absorption, but I notice the same effects on an empty stomach or at the tail end of my BPC.


    3. Well, but don't actually mix it into the coffee. Package says to avoid high heat. This is why I drink most of my BPC then take the UA, then swallow the last of the coffee which is close to room temperature by then. It doesn't taste bad anyway, so no reason to mix it into anything. 


    4. Probably no effect, but I wouldn't take it having just slammed a bunch of water, salty or otherwise. It's encased in a hydrophobic fat sphere, after all. 



    You will find there's a bit of UA stuck to the inside of the ampule once you use it. You can squeeze the ampule when it's empty, then suck water up into it. Cover the top, shake, then squirt out the water to get the last of the UA out of the ampule. If you like being thorough. 

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    Thanks ACH85 this really helps.  Since my post, and before I found your reply, I went back to the book and found PQQ discussed in the chapter on sleep.  It is at the end where he talks about supplements good for sleep.  So I started taking it just before bed with the vanilla latte and my other PM supplements.  I have also added Shilajit (PrimaVie type) to the Unfair Advantage stack of PQQ & CoQ10.  Since I started Bulletproof I have actually been sleeping really good, and aside from the first night of taking the Unfair Advantage, I have not noticed any disruption in sleep.  In fact I have found it harder to get up!  Given that the reaction to this should be opposite, I wonder what I am doing wrong.


    side bar:  I did a little research about sleep cycles and found that maybe I don't fit exactly into the 90 minute frame.  I've allowed myself to wake up naturally, tracked the amount of time asleep (allowing about 15 minutes max to actually fall asleep), roughly divided that by the standard, and found that I have about a 14% variance I need to add to the 90 minute standard.  So a sleep cycle for me should be around 103 minutes.  I'm going to adjust my alarm for the mornings and see how it goes.


    Anyway, I did notice a really nice push in the AM when I was using this product at that time, but thought maybe it was too much and wanted to find out if my timing was ideal.  Since I started taking it at night, I am not getting that 'holy mackerel' morning push.  However, I do noticed a more sustained longer duration of general focus throughout the day, which is what I am after.  I also feel like the morning salt water is helping me to avoid afternoon slump & adrenal fatigue as mentioned in another post about BP coffee.


    I think also that maybe less BP coffee in the morning might help level out that morning push.




    After some time to consider it, I now believe ACH85 is correct all the way.  I don't think the unfair advantage should be taken before bed regularly, but only if you need to wake up after a short amount of sleep.  I've been trying to integrate it into my evening routine and I now feel like it is disrupting my sleep, because I am waking up a full couple of hours before I want to.  Although I feel a mild clarity throughout the day, it is nothing like the effect I was getting in the morning.


    I am going to move my PQQ, CoQ10, and Shilajit doses to an AM slot at the end of a serving of BP coffee.  Then I'll reduce the coffee intake, and begin taking the Gaba to facilitate getting to sleep.


    Glad I've got that figured out.  I hope this helps others who are new to these supplements.


    thanks & take care.

  • Hi guys!


    I have been taking choline force when I need some extra oomph, and I really like it.


    I have a general good vegetarian diet + lots of fish, eggs, and fish oils.  


    I am considering trying Ciltep or Alpha Brain.  Do either of them mix well with Choline Force?

  • Hi guys!


    I have been taking choline force when I need some extra oomph, and I really like it.


    I have a general good vegetarian diet + lots of fish, eggs, and fish oils.  


    I am considering trying Ciltep or Alpha Brain.  Do either of them mix well with Choline Force?


    CILTEP would be your best bet. I wouldn't suggest Alpha Brain, you can get what AB offers you, in cheaper/better ways. I tried it once, when I first started the BP diet and didn't gain any effects. I tried it again two months ago and didn't get any effects either, except a nose bleed that happened about an hour after taking it. No idea if it caused the nose bleed or not, but I stopped taking it. I still take CILTEP and love it. and it works well with things like Choline Force or Alpha GPC.

    Choline Force is fine, but I like Alpha GPC better, I notice a bigger/longer effect from it. I mix them with DMAE and Ashwaghanda Root and feel amazing for about 4-5 hours after. I mean, I feel amazing all day, but the best part is 4-5 hours, that's generally when I get my writing done, if I'm not at work. 

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  • Thank you!  ^^


    I just wanted to double check, because not knowing much about nootropics, I want to make sure they can mix.  Don't want to mess around with the brain chemistry too much, you know?  :)


    Is this stuff addictive?

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    it's totally a person person basis.  i got NOTHING out of ciltep and was royally pissed I spent money on it -> it's an expensive supplement.  I get A LOT out of alpha brain.  It makes me better spoken, quicker/more rapid fire with my mouth and words, and i'm honestly not comfortable in a business meeting without it.  I'm sharper on it.  That said, it's very expensive.  I recommend you try both and be honest with yourself regarding which one you get the most out of.  Again, i h.a.t.e.d. ciltep and thought it was a huge waste of money.

  • MMMm. it's been a while since I check out the site. After reading about "unfair Advantage" it seems something good to have in your stack. Now my question is would it be a good idea to take it with 

    modafinil?  I wanted to go back to the BP coffee but don't know if that's good to take too with modafinil. 


    Any feedback would be great. 

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