Cfs, Mthfr, Nootropic Suggestions?

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I've had CFS for decades and recently discovered that I have two MTHFR snp mutations -- meaning I'm a poor methylator. I've been treated with methylcobolamine and folate. In seeking to help with the brain fatigue and fog, I've started looking at nootropics. I've tried both Nootrobrain and Alpha Brain, but don't notice much difference. I'd be grateful for any recommendations for especially effective nootropics along with common doseages.


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    You may want to consider Sulbutiamine and Piracetam. These are what most would consider "entry" level nootropics that could help get you headed towards either creating a nootropic stack that fully helps you in the areas you are seeking.

    Sulbutiamine is a more bio-available form of Thiamine that was made in Japan specifically to help with chronic fatigue. So it might be a great one to help you out in terms of your fatigue, while the Piracetam will help with your brain fog.

    You can read more about Sulbutiamine and Piracetam in the links I wrapped those words in. ;) as for dosing the common dosing guideline with piracetam is around 3.2-4.8g throughout the day split into two doses one taken in the morning and another in the evening. Sulbutiamine is usually taken in two 200mg doses at the same times I had recommended for Piracetam.

    Hope this helps you in your search a bit!

  • I am  a poor methylator as well.  I get prescribed B12 shots that I take around every other day.  When I do the PAO (piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam) stack with the B12 shot, look out!

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