Weight Regained While Pregnant, Not Losing Any During 5 Months Of Breastfeeding. Help?

Hello everybody,


I have big problems with this diet and I hope someone can help me maybe.

Let me explain:


- Rutabaga, cauliflower and sweet potato make me puke

- carrot pieces come sometimes intact

- cucumber makes me burb alot

- avocado is mostly not to my taste

- dark chocolate tastes very bad to me, sadly

- coconut oil makes me feel bad and it tastes bad (unless bulletproof icecream)

- I am going to try pumpkin in the next days, but I remember I really disliked it

- eggs give me heartburn


The bulletproof cacao and coffee with mct and brain octane work, but they are not very filling to me. The first cup is fine without a meal, but the second one is usally joined by turkish yoghurt with honey.


I have been trying to become bulletproof since a year. During that year I lost 8kg in the beginning while I was in the beginning of my pregnacy. In the beginning I was fine to eat only small meals and as well I was full after a coffee. During the pregnancy I was then starting to eat more carb heavy and a small meal wasn't enough anymore. After a short time I gained weight and at the end of the pregnancy I gained about 13kg from my lowest weight. The little one is now 5 month old and I am breastfeeding him. Also I am trying to get pregnant again.


As a child I was already overwheight and put on a diet because of that starting around age 3.


At moment I am eating quite a bit of rice and potatos. Also I like to eat milk chocolate. Otherwise I am eating pretty close to bulletproof with lots of soup with bone broth, soup vegetables and minced meat from lamb or cow.


Can someone maybe give me advice?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Greetings, Mandy


  • My advice would be to focus on nutrition rather than weight loss.  Some of your descriptions lead me to guess that you need to add digestive support, like HCl or even bitters.  Also, since you are breastfeeding you need to go easy on yourself.  Your body might even been keeping toxins in fat quarantine to protect your baby.  Toxins released from fat cells is one of the reasons why someone might have a hard time loosing weight.  Your nutrition sounds amazing so I would just give it time.  Maybe there is some advice in the "better baby book" or from Westin A Price...


    - Mom of two, nursed for 6 consecutive years and wasn't able to loose 15kg of pregnancy weight until 4 years after weaning and going paleo.  I think most of my weight was due to an intollerance to gluten, dairy, and I am starting to also suspect a fructose allergy...


    Not sure if that helps.  Paleo Mom might also be another resource you could tap into.

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