My Experiences With Pea ( Phenylethylamine Hcl )

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I found two posts where folks asked about this particular supplement with no responses, decided to share my many years of experience. The brand I am currently using is sold on Amazon however if you have a capping machine and like a deeper discount and the feel of making your own bulk PEA is available at True Nutrition.


My first testing with this product was about 5 years ago when my focus was bodybuilding and looking at what pre and post workout drinks there were and making my own without the fillers. One of my favorite energy drinks had PEA in it and my workouts were highlighted with enhanced focus and a general feeling of well being above normal. Other friends who tried the same energy drink drank double my amount and experienced similar energy levels with a very heavy crash an hour or so after. Needless to say they stopped trying to show off and drank the right amount after having that happen.


During the first few weeks of testing I took PEA alone when I had a day off from work so I could asses how it made me feel and learn a bit more about what dosages worked well for me. My findings were smaller doses (500-750mg) a couple of times a day gave focus with no crash, and larger doses (1000mg-1500mg) gave some level of body high for a brief time and a heavy crash where you just needed to nap for an hour. The body high did not interest me much, and I do not recommend PEA as a recreational high (underwhelming). What I also found interesting with PEA was it being synergistic with some things, most specifically caffeine. A small dose taken with a cup of coffee added a level of energy and focus for about an hour. I would say think of PEA as a stimulant more than a nootropic when you combine it with a stimulant. Similar to other things, it takes about 30 minutes for you to feel the effects, peaks, then wears off.


This is a staple supplement that I have taken daily since, with several weeks off when a bottle runs out. I will at times take PEA twice a day, morning and lunch. When I have a racetam in the mix I drop the PEA to once daily. Currently my morning routine is to make my BP coffee and have my morning supps (fish oil,k2,d3,choline,aniracetam eod) and 90 minutes later take 500mg of PEA before driving to work. I notice the PEA for about 2 hours.


  • My wife and I couldn't stand 500mg PEA without intense discomfort. We respond well to 170mg-200mg in each of three AM coffees though. The adrenaline sweats and dopamine headache would deter us from dosing higher and we get optimal results for mental clarity and focus with it.

    We will take it every day forever, and if it was made illegal I'd stockpile it. All the dopamine-treated animals outlived every it's a bit more than a nootropic.

    We are not usually combining it with a stimulant except coffee and we take selegiline too. We don't like MDMA because it does not give the clear focus we wanted and feels like too much woozy serotonin.

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