Hey guys,


Thought I would jump on this account to report another Modafinil based scam.


If you check my post history you will see I was spot on when I called out Modafico and Britishmedstore for being scams, a few weeks after my post each ran off with customers money. have been promoting themselves as better than mymodafinil, with spam accross:

Bulletproof Blog,


and variouse reddit subs.

Creation Date: 06-aug-2014. nootropro is probably a fly by night pharmacy scam operation. Where they clone as much credit card data as possible and disappear


So how it is possible that "reviews" state they got a package on the 11th of August after 14 days in transit, it simply does not add up...


I tried to make a test order, after I found the Paypal button not working, I contacted them, and they asked me to send the payment as a GIFT!


Stay safe guys!

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