5Weeks To Prep A 27K Race Food Tips

I have signed up for a race that is set for October 26th and want to try and maintain some of my mental energy while pushing my body to extremes.


Any advice for meal timing and fuel types. Should I concentrate on increasing my fat intake and protein post workout. Very vague question but any direction would be helpful.


Thanks you.


  • J-rockJ-rock
    edited September 2014

    A ketogenic diet has been shown to be very beneficial for long distance running. Don't know how helpful it would be with only 5 weeks left to prep though.

  • Hi Cullenator, I'm a writer with a national magazine looking for runners who drink bulletproof coffee. I'm wondering if you've started drinking this as part of your training regimen, and if you've found it to be helpful for your routine? If you're interested in chatting, please email me at [email protected] Thanks, and good luck with your race this month!



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