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  • I read somewhere you can test via pulse rate and that eggs and egg whites should be tested separately.  Eggs whites often being the culprit. I certainly have a problem as my pulse rate goes crazy.

  • Thanks sanssoucish I checked earlier and the book is a little bit confusing, I took the 10 day carb depletion to mean 10 days in its entirety but you are right when I looked closer it said eat safe starches on day 10. Constructive criticism here Skye, maybe it should be called the 9 day carb depletion?! :)  Maybe its just me reading it on kindle on the iphone meant I wasn't picking up everything I normally would on a PC screen. 

  • I also understood day ten to be the start of mid afternoon exercise and carb refeed. 

  • After reading and re reading I am still not clear if exercise is part of the ten day depletion phase.  From what I see, it looks like day ten is the first day of exercise followed by a refeed.  Is this correct?

  • That is how I understood it Parker.

  • Thanks.  Had a long walk today and enjoyed the beautiful weather but am looking forward to these workouts. 

  • TMI alert! Into my third week, 21 days up on Monday. Feel ok but kinda worried about the lack of 'movement' IYKWIM, sorry if it's too TMI but was wondering if anyone else was experiencing same. It seems to be every 2nd to 3rd rather than daily. Maybe I should be eating more fat or drinking more water??
  • I'm having that problem too.  Magnesium usually really helps me with that, but I think the charcoal can cause constipation.  

  • CocoaCat & spbbb - me too, I started drinking 1 T of psyllium fiber in water with one of my meals. Kind of bummed to have to waste some carb intake on psyllium fiber but I also need to go! I'm also taking 500 mg of magnesium every evening, but I've done that for years so that's not new. I've also tried to pay attention to my water intake. 

  • Thanks for chiming in ladies, I'm not alone!

    spbb im not using either of those supps yet but was considering adding magnesium soon so can see if that helps.

    Sansoucish I can understand not wanting to use your carbs in that way too, but I agree something needs to be done! Coffee usually is a good stimulator normally for me so maybe I should start with that without the butter and see how that goes.
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    Eat more veggies.  Drinking enough water is good, but drinking too much water can actually dehydrate you so be careful.  The kidneys only handle 5oz per 30 minutes so sipping regularly is the best route.  If you're peeing clear, then you've overdone water.   The salt water in the morning should encourage more moisture to be retained in the bowel.  Cascara sagrada or even a stool softener like senna taken in a small dose might be something to try later in the day. 

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    Thanks for the suggestions Parker, things took care of themselves today when I had the coffee first on its own and let my body wake up.

    I then decided to not have the BP coffee at all this morning because I was feeling a bit queasy, I just had some scrambled eggs and free range bacon. The first time I haven't had the BP coffee during the 21 days.

    I finish the 21 days on Monday and I'm trying to stay on track, I'm leaning a bit too much on the dark chocolate and BP ice cream in the evening. Once the chocolate comes into the house it gets eaten until it's gone and I made the mistake of buying two bars:( I've learned my lesson.

    I'm still off alcohol which is amazing for me, I have not had such a long drink free period in a long time. I'm going to continue as long as I can until mid December til New Years and then off again for January. Thats the plan anyway!
  • Adding the psyllium husk has done the trick for me so far, I only use senna or cascara as a last resort because I don't want to become dependent on anything like that. Thanks for the tip about the water Parker, I am normally more of a sipper than a guzzler so I'm probably drinking slowly enough.

    I can relate to your struggle with the chocolate and ice cream CocoaCat! This is why I haven't even allowed myself to make the BP ice cream yet. The good thing is I seem to be less hungry after dinner than I was before I started this plan...I probably wasn't getting enough fat in my diet before. So I have found that I'm less likely to have killer cravings for sweets or chocolate after meals, thank goodness, because evening snacking was one of my weaknesses before discovering the BP/fat-burning strategy.

  • Sleep has been a bit disturbed so I'm going to have coffee only until 10am and hopefully I can hang on until 1pm to eat lunch.  Probably will be soooo... hungry that I'd eat the ass end of a skunk by then!  I think the charcoal at 11am will actually tide me over.  I'm enjoying the coconut milk/egg smoothie Skye mentioned, instead of ice cream.  A few squares of good quality of dark chocolate isn't going to mess with anything, as far as I'm concerned.  Cheers to great health. 

  • Hey Everybody-

    Hope you all are kicking ass on your journeys to health and overall Wonder Woman-ness. Being unplugged for everything but the absolute necessaries has been GLORIOUS. Try it if/when you can. Or, at least, shut things off at a certain time of day and realize what emails/calls/texts/social media, etc are priorities and which are distractions.


    I haven't had a chance to see what ya'll have been up to but it does appear you're rocking the party. I was just having a convo with a friend (face to face!) and she brought this line up. It really nails it:


    If nutrition is king, sleep is queen.


    Healthy, strong bodies are made in the kitchen. High fat, moderate protein, low carb. Nutrition first. Sleep second. Exercise third. Catch up with you all soon!


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