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  • Season10Season10 Trying to survive
    My only other negative side effect is a subtle feeling of anxiety. I went off wheat because of that side effect. Interesting I'm feeling it now. But damn im loving seeing my six pack again
    well more of a 2 going on 4 pack :)

    hmmm - you're right I'm not dragging :-).  I am just freaked about it because my doctor keeps telling me that my weight issues are directly related to lack of sleep and everything I read about balancing my hormones says sleep is key.

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

  • Season 10 and Sandy Gonzalez - have you tried Calms Forte for your sleep problems? Homeopathic stuff RARELY works for me, but this one is awesome! And cheap - you can find it at CVS in the sleep section. It has helped everyone I know that has tried it. You can also try Tranquinol - an herbal remedy. Deep Sleep by Herbs Etc is another good herbal remedy, which has worked for everyone I know but me. Gaba Calm by Source Naturals is also good. No matter what you choose, its best to rotate to avoid dependence. As you can see, I've fought the good fight against bad sleep :) Overtime your body gets used the melatonin and it will lose effectiveness. Additionally, some believe melatonin is not great for the immune system when used long term. If you are hooked on the stuff, at least try ordering some melatonin spray which gives .5 mg, thats right POINT 5 mg, per serving, as the less you use the more effectiveness it can be. When you take too much, it will actually make you wake up sooner or just not sleep as well. Sweet dreams :) 

  • I'm on day 18 and everything's going well.  I was sick for part of my 10-day carb depletion (just a mild cold) but when that cleared I felt amazing, and it's been pretty steady energy and clear head since then (also got rid of an old favorite pair of pants because I just couldn't keep them up! and am down one notch on my belt). The workout/refeed days are great (I'm actually excited to work out! and thanks to Skye I finally got a kettle bell and am loving it). 


    Also I feel vibrant, my skin looks good, I'm sleeping well, waking without an alarm and have a better rhythm with food and no cravings. So :)


    Question for Skye or anyone who understands the basics of refeeds: if my schedule dictates a morning workout, I know that I can do that fasted and that's fine. But should my 2:00 meal have carbs right away? or do I save those for later in the day? 


    [Actually as I'm typing this it seems kind of obvious that carbs would be in the first post-meal workout... but if you know, can you confirm? How long after the workout can I go before I have my reefed?]

  • Happy pre- Turkey day everyone! Just decided to give a few updates on my journey so far. Still amazed at how I have to remember to eat by setting alarms lol. I have been following Karen G's advice on more filling lunches to make sure I hit my target caloric intake! Energy is ramped up and clarity is increasing. I find my meditation times are a bit more, sedate and I re-focus a lot better. My neuro-feedback therapist / chiropractor is a bit concerned about my coffee intake and has suggested a bullet proof matcha for me to switch to. I work for a coffee company and do a pretty good job limiting my intake. Luckily she is also a bulletproof person and has been very supportive of this leg of extending my journey to perform at higher levels.

    Oh yeah and I can definitely feel some looseness in my clothes even without starting the exercise portion as of yet. I know it's important but Dr. Steph just gave me the okay for a few specific yoga practices that will increase my heart rate, work my muscles and not strain my still healing injuries. So I expect my results to increase quite a bit over the next weeks as I have decided to carry on with this protocol for 90 days.

    So far I am very grateful for Skye's book and insight as well as being exposed to teachers of different bio-hacking methods, optimal performance and mind body wellness on the podcasts!

  • Hi everyone :) I am super excited to finally have found a plan that accounts for women with hormonal issues, every doctor I've ever seen has given me no feed back on how to lose weight with these issues, and today is DAY 1! Finding grass fed meat, butter, really anything grass fed has been interesting. Turns out you can't buy 100% grass fed butter in my part of the world, I've found an alternative and will head to the USA for a butter run in a few weeks. 

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone and to losing body fat in December rather than gaining!


  • Karen GKaren G
    edited November 2014

    Welcome AimeeR!

    I'm gearing up to giving this another go.  I have now had a week on the adrenal support formula, have given up coffee for two weeks and overall feeling better.  I have been eating more alkalising greens and have also purchased some Super Elixir, a supergreens powder.  The ingredients look bulletproof to me and it makes me feel good.


    No eggs also this time as I think I have an allergy - heart racing like crazy.  So it's going to be a very different version this time with no coffee or eggs which were staples last time.  I guess we all have to tweak away and find what works for us.


    Today's lunch was a delicious home made sweet potato and butternut squash soup with bacon crumbled over the top, followed by garlic cauliflower & avocado mash with organic free range chicken breast, cooked spinach and micro kale.  Eaten after a HiiT workout so feeling virtuous.

  • Happy dancing.  My upgraded collagen and unfair advantage has turned up this morning!

  • Question to Skye - I'm training to qualify for the Crossfit Games in 2015 (as a 55-59 year old) and have been a competetive triathlete for over 14 years.  I've been doing BP coffee for the past 7 months, and was wondering that if the diet you prescribe is great for someone who doesn't workout much, what do athletes do to tweak it to work for them.  


    BTW - the Unfair Advantage is great stuff!

  • Hi Everyone.  I'm re-starting today.  De-caff bulletproof with collagen.  Armed with supplements plus UA.  I'm doubtful of going below 30g of carbs as this was my downfall last time and found it stressful.  However I have been hovering around 50g to 60g the last couple of days.  My only challenge is that I seemed to have trapped a nerve in my shoulder/neck doing Freeletics so I need to take care for the next couple of days as it's bloody painful.

  • I think this is my first post on the BP forum, so hello!


    I've been following a pretty BP diet for the past couple of weeks, and have seen a bit of weight loss (maybe 4lb; although haven't followed it with any conscientious plan in mind really).  I am in desperate need of losing weight - I have about 70lb to lose, most of which is weight I put on over the past couple of years.  I have spent most of my adult life with my weight either in a state of gain or loss, and am on an eternal search to find a way to find equilibrium.


    That said, at this stage in my life (aged 44 and with 5 yr old twins) I really do need to sort myself out.  I feel old, fat, creaky.  I feel like if I don't lose the weight and start some decent exercise/toning/strength, I will really and truly be sick and old before I know it.  I am lucky that my health in general is pretty good.


    I'm very pleased to have found this thread, and to have read the book by Skye which just really seemed to make sense.  I am anxious about which exercise to try first, as I am worried I'm so out of shape I'll do myself an injury to do anything intensively.  It is my nature to think I can do more than I can.


    Looking forward to posting updates on here and getting well and truly stuck in.  So hello all :)


    PS: my current 'routine' is BP coffee in the morning (maybe 2 cups), sometimes with a soft-boiled egg.  Just started taking the charcoal and about to start taking D3.  I then have probably two meals, one at about 2pm and one at about 5.30pm.  I have yet to do a carb-load meal because I have been wussy about the exercise..!

  • Hello Clemency.  Well done for taking control.  I am out of shape too so start carefully.  I ended up with a shoulder injury so don't try and push yourself too hard.  Focus on the quality of what you are eating and get yourself in a routine first.  

  • Thanks for the welcome :)  I forgot to mention that I quit drinking alcohol 4 months ago, so suddenly proper decent health and lifestyle changes seem far more achievable.  

  • Great going Clemency. I'm also newly AF - it just does not work with this way of eating, so we have something in common. :-)

  • Oh well done Karen.  IMO making the decision to stop is pretty much the hardest part.  I honestly couldn't have contemplated it even a year ago, but one day the thought just popped into my head "Hmm, what if I just..... stopped completely?".  I haven't found it hard at all and I just LOVE never having hangovers or being semi-functional the next day due to having the wine that we are all taught we "deserve" at the end of a hard day.

  • Hello everyone, I'm restarting this today - have still been bulletproof during my IVF stim cycle but now that I've had egg collection I can focus on shifting all the toxins/gonadotrophins out of my body and dropping the layer.  Today is day one.  Its a good time to start as I won't be up for exercise for a while yet.  Right now I am eaking ovarian fluid and blood into my abdominal cavities as a result of the egg collection ( I made a lot of follicles - 33! Apparently unheard of in a woman over 40 who doesn't have PCOS).    So, yeah, loads of pain and bloating and I'm pretty much on bed rest.  But I'd rather be focused on getting leaner now than obsessing over my IVF results.  I have two or more months before transferring an embryo and want to start my pregnancy feeling great.

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