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    Thanks Karen ,


    I eat probably eat  about 70 to 100 gm of carbs . I work nights 12 hours  shifts because

    that is how we nurses work ,so I sleep at day time , i work 4 or 5 nights a week .

    My routine would be

    8:30 - 2 pm sleep

    2 pm - BP coffee with probably 2 tbsp butter , brain octane and collagen protein , stevia

    i meditate after that and do some chores

    4 pm  i would eat the only meal for the day , which is 3 oz steak , or grass fed ground meat  or 3 eggs

    with 1 medium size sweet potato , or cauliflower ,broccoli or salad

    i leave  for  work at 6pm my work does not start till 7 pm but i want to get there early and meditate before 


    10 pm i would have BP coffee with just butter and stevia

    4 am i would have another BF coffee with stevia . I am not hungry all night .

    I don't eat while at work except for BF coffee .

    I leave work at 7:30 am and home at 8:15 am before i sleep i would eat some butter and a hard boiled egg.


    When I am off me and my girlfriend go out to eat but we eat healthy usually salads and fish , she does not eat meat

    when I am home and not working ,i eat the same thing ,i follow what Tim Ferris to eat the same thing over and over ,pretty much the 

    same when i was doing  Medifast and lost that 40 lbs in 9 months.


    About once a week i would eat a banana , Thanksgiving I did not mind the diet and just ate after that i had a short trip

    to San diego to meet up with some friends but i did not think I over ate .


    My lowest weight is 127 and I feel best at that weight . i really feel good and energetic with the BF diet , my skin is even

    better but why this weight gain . 150 is too much for me . Maybe too much butter .I don't want to get hungry because i would eat

    anything ,maybe i need to exercise  more , I really could see the Kettle Bells being effective , i did 5 min today and can feel the cardiovascular effect .

    Would really appreciate your input ,thanks !

  • You need to get your carbs down wellbeing and increase your protein. If you are doing Skye's protocol then you should be at about 30g of carbs with as much as you want from the safe starch list on refeed days. Try that before you cut back on the fat. You will need the fat to stop you from feeling hungry when you reduce the carbs. I'd also think about eating two meals a day rather than one even if it is a small one and knock off one of your coffees in favour of a piece of protein and green veg. I often take tinned sardines to work and I eat with a salad or veggies as I can't stand protein shakes. So easy when you are busy. Others here will suggest you eat way more protein than this. I'm not qualified to advise but at least 0.8g per kilo of body weight per day - more if you are working out hard.

    Dont overdo the exercise. Three times a week is enough. Keep us posted with your progress. We all need to learn what is right for us and everyone is different.
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    Thanks , Karen . I will try that ,30 grams of carbs  is 1 medium sweet potato and that is it for the day .


    I can tell myself  to enjoy salads ,broccoli and cauliflower which takes 6 cups for 30 gms .

    I can always up my protein .I just don't want to feel hungry


    I am on my third day of the RFLP  , I will see how long can i last and how much weight loss i have 

    that time . so i have been on no carbs and no protein , just butter  for 2 days , i will weigh before my refeed .


    I don't go crazy with exercise , i just re-started kettle bells , 5 mins  of the swings is  all i can take for now .



    How long do you guys finish 1 whole bar  of Kerrygold .

  • Wellbeing, no safe starches unless re-feeding.  That means no sweet potatoes until re-feed days.  Just stick to green veg.  1 bar of kerrygold lasts me about a week.

  • wellbeing - I buy butter by the pound, and it lasts me 10 days, I don't love butter, but I'm trying! I second the sweet potatoes, on re-feed days only. I live off of broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and cucumber for my veggies. I probably am at 30 grams of carbs per day, but I am active as well, work on my feet and walk to and from work every day. Hope any of this helps :)

  • OMG , I consume 2 1/2 or even 3 bars a week which is over a pound ,I am going to reduce that . yes , Karen , no safe  starch until refeed time,

    thanks Aimee for reminding me 30 g carb is feasible .


    I will keep you  posted on my weight before refeed .

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    Question.. yesterday I was nauseous off and on all day. I'm not getting sick, but just felt terrible. I upped my food yesterday, ate when I really just didn't want to, and made some soup which seems to have soothed my tummy. Anyone else experience this? I read a bit about salt, since I'm very prone to dehydration I used to do a electrolyte tablet (when I was running a lot) with contains sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, but will that offset ketosis? 


    KarenG - I'm impressed that you attempt this while travelling, I'm having a hard enough time going to my bf's on the weekend and keeping this up! 



    As far as what my dietitian and a few others I know who are knowledgable on the subject of ketosis have told me, because I inquired early on before embarking on Skye's protocols, sugar alcohol have little to no impact on ketosis. But a lot of sugar alcohols will give you queasy stomach and cramps bc it irritates the colon into wanting a bowel movement.

    Also make sure you're taking in enough water! I'm also prone to dehydration and I add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to all the water I drink! It's important that its Himalayan Pink bc of the minerals and natural electrolytes. I would guess it was the sorbitol, which is used in most laxatives and "sugar free" chocolates! 


    The only challenging thing I'm finding is upping my food intake. My appetite is completely gone by 5 pm daily so I've been stretching lunch out to eat many smaller courses of a larger lunch if that makes sense. Also make sure you're taking in enough water! I'm also prone to dehydration and I add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to all the water I drink! It's important that its Himalayan Pink bc of the minerals and natural electrolytes 

  • Hi everyone! Great to see all the posts since my last so now I feel all caught up lol.

    Well I decided to do a an odd thing and eat a handful of chips on my carb re-feed day. I had my food journal nearby bc I like to take note of how different foods make me feel. Well it looks like chips are out of my life completely now as those made me sooo sick. And they werent even everyday run of the mill type but a smallish company that sells at local WF stores. I actually ended up throwing up bc my stomach was rebelling against them! Chips used to be one of my favorite occasional snacks but looks like the consistent protocols I've been following really have changed a lot of my old eating habits no matter how occasional! And I've made the decision to NOT try any of my old snack foods bc my body and emotions will not allow it!


    Otherwise my energy has been pretty stellar, I've had to adjust the workouts to what my chiro has recommended (DDP style yoga) and swimming, not noticed a significant loss of extra weight but I am not concerning myself with that as of yet. I'm staying the course with this program and will only take measurements every 14 days. I know how my body takes it time to make the inner adjusts to show up on the outside. I feel stronger, a LOT stronger in fact, I sleep a lot better, I wake up almost always smiling and ready to get my day started, but I know I need to greatly up my water intake!


    Still have a timer to remind me to eat but my appetite completely disappears around 4pm everyday and there have even been a night or two where it was a close call to get in my intake. Even the larger lunches are too much for me now, so I'm making adjustments to the number of smaller meals I eat to see if that helps? 

    And it was recommended that I have my thyroid or adrenals checked because of the amount of coffee I drink. (two 6 ounce cups one at 5 am and the other around 10 am daily) Anyone had adrenal or cortisol issues? Anything I should ask specifically about? See a specific type of doctor about?


    Kasey, your energy sounds great! And awful that the chips made you throw up but how cool when our body tells us something in no uncertain terms :)


    I'm finally starting to get curious about cortisol issues because I can see that I go into a stress mode really easily. All I've done about it so far is cut down on coffee when I feel that I'm just buzzing too much in general. But I'm sure you can get a hormone panel that gives you more information (you just need a dr who actually knows what he/she is doing....). You've looked at Sara Gottfried's videos? Some of her manner/presentation drives me a bit nuts but I've learned a lot about the interplay of these hormones in women.

  • Also a general question for those who have been on the protocol for a while. Like Kasey, I found that the depletion totally changed my appetite; I just wasn't as hungry, and I would have put my cravings at zero. Since the carb refeeds have started, I'm back to higher appetite and definitely have to use more willpower if there's - say  - chocolate in the vicinity. I might still be finding my balance, and it's not a real problem, but I'm curious what others have found along these lines.

    Kasey, you're past the 10 days by a bit, right? You must be around 25 days by now?

  • Musicmania - What are you doing for the carb re-feeds? I am finding being surrounded by sweets, alcohol and being given goodies is making me crave them at certain times. I'm only on day 16, and vowed to get to day 21 before I make any judgements on this plan. I've also given myself the permission to loosen up on the 19th of December until January 2nd, so thats helping me get through.. knowing that is coming. 


    Kasey - I haven't had any sugar alcohols, was just considering using Nuun for rehydration, but wanted to check out sorbitol first. I am drinking about 84 ounces a day of water, plus the coffee, and some bubbly water or tea. It's the lack of salt, I did try that salt in my water and oh my... it wasn't great. Maybe I used to much. 


    I'm pretty proud of myself, I am doing some Christmas baking - for gifts, and for my mom, & brother, and so last night I made eggnog cookies without tasting anything. I got 6 people I know to test them to make sure they are good, and thats that. They are all given away! :)



  • Aimee...You shouldn't taste the salt. Have you tried making salt water sole to use as a base for your water? Here's a simple way that I use:

    ***important to not use metal utensils or cap!!!


    Fill a 1 quart glass mason jar about 1/3 full of unrefined, natural salt. Then fill jar with filtered water, leaving at least 2 inch gap at top.  Cover with a non-reactive cap (plastic)  Give it a good shake and allow to sit for 24 hours.  After 24 hours, if all the salt crystals have dissolved, add a few more salt crystals to the water. Your sole is ready when the salt no longer dissolves, meaning the water has become fully saturated with the salt.  (There should always be undissolved salt crystals on the bottom of the jar. This is your visual proof that the water is totally saturated with salt.)

    Store, covered, on the counter or cupboard.  The sole will last indefinitely because of salt’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

    Each morning, on an empty stomach add a small amount of sole to a small (about 8 oz.) glass of filtered water.  The amount will vary depending on your bodies needs and your sole concentration. Your tongue will tell you exactly how much sole to add to your water. Start with 1/2 tsp of sole.  When you add your sole to your glass of water, taste it. If it tastes the way you believe salt water tastes, then it is perfect. If it tastes too salty, then pour a little water out and  dilute the solution with more plain water until it tastes correct. If it doesn’t taste salty enough, you may need to add more than a tsp of sole until the balance is correct for you. Your sense of taste will let you know what your kidneys need and you may find that each day your needs are different.

  • Musicmama yep I'm at just under a month now (with a start-over here n there where I messed up a protocol) and even after the re-feeding I'm still finding it challenging to gain appetite. But I also need to see someone about my cortisol or adrenals bc although I feel a lot better and feel stronger I've lost next to no weight thus far...It has been frustrating to hear about people losing some weight(and seeing my cousin lose pounds!) and here I am still at my same weight and measurements. I'm trying to figure out all my options bc I dont want to give up or start doing something insane bc I'm reaching my wits end with getting healthy on the outside as much as my inside...

    But I am continuing bc it could also be a mental thing as to why I haven't lost an inch in a year of pretty damn clean eating overall... 

  • ugh - Kasey, I'm sorry... Especially for women, this health/eating/weight loss thing is sometimes not so straightforward. (Although I have to say, if that's you in the photo, it certainly doesn't look like you have a lot to lose.)

  • Update on my RFLP  for 5 days , i did lose 7 lbs , i had to take 2 days re-feed as there was a get together

    I have to go , the first re-feed was bad , i ate some food from Z Tejas  , the second was as much salads i can

    take and sweet sweet potatos , today i start another 5 day of RFLP .

  • LOL thanks Musicmama but the pic is quite deceiving as I am approximately 45 pounds over weight currently! In that pic I was already hovering around 30 what is normal for me and my frame...In the works to get my panels checked bc there is clearly a "sticking point" somewhere...

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