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    Thanks so much for the reply regarding cinnamon.  Much appreciated.



  • I didn't find a specific recommendation in Skye's book re. how many additional carb grams count as a carb re-feed...I think total carbs for the day in the range of 200 - 300 g is probably a bit high for most women. Adding 50 + grams of carbs to your evening meal and reducing your protein and fat intake a bit should fit the bill...

  • I didn't find a specific recommendation in Skye's book re. how many additional carb grams count as a carb re-feed...I think total carbs for the day in the range of 200 - 300 g is probably a bit high for most women. Adding 50 + grams of carbs to your evening meal and reducing your protein and fat intake a bit should fit the bill...


    Yeah it doesn't say in the book. In the men's BPD forum, I told them that I had 125g of carbs in my first refeed and they said that wasn't enough. So the second one I had 225... I didn't put on any weight either time? I was expecting water weight, you know? And both times nothing. I'm not sure what that means.

  • Hi all

    I would really likened contact Skye and work with her on her protocol

    Wondering if anyone knows how to contact her

    I read her book and I like her carb rotation

    I tried to send her and email but her email listed in the book seems to not work

    Anyone have thoughts on this???


  • Hello! I'm on my 4th day, and I've enjoyed learning from the book and from this thread.


    I do have a question that I haven't found answered yet (although I certainly may have missed it):

    Can we have butter at night, after our eating window has closed? 


    I like to have herbal tea or cocoa with coconut oil or butter in the evening. To be honest, it works well to keep me from missing my former nightly shot of bourbon, and I find the tea without the butter or oil doesn't satisfy in the same way. 


    A little background,  in case anyone is curious about me: 

    I've been intermittent fasting, drinking butter coffee, and being in nutritional ketosis for a couple years, so the new things for me will be: A) no alcohol, B) no cream or cheese, and C) carb re-feeds. I love sweet potatoes, so that will be something to look forward to.


    My main goals are not to lose weight, but to lean up a bit (I'm at about 26% body fat, which isn't so bad for a 54 year old woman), and to have an easier time maintaining my current weight (5'5", 135 lbs) without starving myself. I'm a kayaker, skier, backpacker, road cyclist, and mountain-biker, but I've had a lot of joint issues in the past 2 years, so I hope also to help mend my joints (Turmeric, probiotics, and glucosamine have been really beneficial for my knees and shoulder in the past month). 



    Thanks for any insights.

  • I recall either Dave A or Skye recommending some raw honey and XCT or brain octane oil before bed to help with sleep. I think I would go ahead and do it as long as it's not too much after the feeding window is closed, the butter or butter and oil shouldn't take you out of ketosis. 

  • Season10Season10 Trying to survive

    I think that anything that keeps you away from alcohol at  night is a good thing.  Go for the butter Tea. 

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  • Tomorrow is day 10: my first sweet potato in a very long time! So far, so good: I feel leaner, and my waist has dropped from 30" to 29". Thanks for the thumbs up on the nightly butter in my evening tea or cocoa. 

  • Hello ladies  :)   


    I wanted to stop by and introduce myself.  I'm 44 years old and I have about 20 lbs I'd like gone.  Well, that and just want to be much healthier in general.  I discovered and kinda started BP two weeks ago and managed to lose 3 lbs ( yay!).  Yesterday I downloaded Skye's book and read it and today I'm starting over using more of her recommendations.  


    I've read through a lot, but not all of this giant thread and it seems to have a wealth of knowledge and support.  I'm so glad I found it.  Thanks!

  • Tiva have you tried collagen? I like to have BP tea (usually cacao) w/butter & MCT & collagen before bed at night. You sleep great and my knees LOVE the collagen!

  • Tiva have you tried collagen? I like to have BP tea (usually cacao) w/butter & MCT & collagen before bed at night. You sleep great and my knees LOVE the collagen!

    I haven't yet tried collagen, although I do like making bone broths. Something about the name sounds a little creepy...but if collagen is helping your knees, may be I should try it. Thanks for the tip!

  • Tiva have you tried collagen? I like to have BP tea (usually cacao) w/butter & MCT & collagen before bed at night. You sleep great and my knees LOVE the collagen!

    Can you share the recipe for your BP tea?

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    I seem to be getting the hang of this.  I've managed to lose 6 lbs and 2" off of my waist.  Yay!


    I am loving the 2 tbs of collagen mixed in water with a splash of ACV, 1 tbs of MCT oil, dash of cinnamon and a few stevia drops in the Valencia Orange flavor at night before bed.  I do think it helps with sleep.  I'm also hoping it helps with some joint issues I've developed over the years. 

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    Hello ladies, I am a newcomer and will introduce myself.

    I am 40, 3 kids, job, family, busy life, like everyone :-) i am 179cm and was usually 63 kg. Couple of years ago weight came up progressively and I ended up with 74kg. Started exercise a year ago, but putting my weight down became real hard. I did a month of whole 30 a while ago and lost 6 kg in a month and then I started eating as usual and of course it all came back. So I decided to make it a permanent lifestyle after reading much.

    So last Tuesday I started and lost 3,5 kg in 4 days. Probably all water, but wonder if it is not too fast. I do not want to become weak and want to be able to keep on training.

    I am reading this thread (page 5 already ) and learn a lot, thank you all for these posts it is a gold mine. Bought Skye's book and go through it too. I also ordered the MCT oil and collagen. Thanks to the posts here I introduced salt in the morning and magnesium and potassium in the evening. I think thanks to that I solved the headaches faster (first 2 days were awful) and I do not feel all the time hungry anymore, less cravings too.

    Another question - how much fat is too much, how to calculate it? I think I have about 4 tablespoons of butter and 1 of coconut oil in a day. Is that enough or not?

    Thanks and good w-e to all.
  • So it's day 24 now. I'm not sure there have been any changes to my body, really. I can't say I was expecting anything radical, despite what every person hawking a diet likes to tell you. My weight hasn't shifted at all. I won't know if my body comp has changed until I get another bod pod reading. I haven't figured out when to do that. Probably before I go on an all you can eat and drink cruise.


    The exercises are easier, I guess. I can do a full 8 minute tabata now. I have not been able to do 15 minutes of kettlebells. Only 13 minutes. And I don't really get that sore from either one. 


    I wish I knew how to tell when I'm leptin sensitive. It's not that I mind gelatin in my coffee, it actually makes it quite creamy, but I know that it means I'm not getting any fasting benefits. I'm not sure why I bother waiting until 1pm to eat lunch when I'm ending my fast when I drink my coffee.


    Started back with having nightshades. What am I looking for in terms of symptoms that they're not good for me? 

  • I am so happy I found this and I could use some help!

    Have been Paleo for almost 5 years now.  It has kept me fighting fit until I turned 40 and now I am fighting fat! 

    148 lbs, 32% Body Fat, 5'4" and soooo desperate to get back to a comfortable body weight (125 or 130)

    Def have a thyroid issue and just havent been able to lose all of the baby weight from the third baby (with the others it fell right off as soon as I got back to paleo eating, but this time, not so much).

    Have followed Dave's Bulletproof 10 day protocal for 40 days without one single cheat (do eat approved carbs and desserts), and I feel great, lose 5-7 pounds the first week and then NO more.  Feel amazing when I do the protein fasts (no protein for one day...just fat and veggies).

    Just read Skye's book and have been doing her program for 21 days.  Did the 10 day PERFECTLY except I didn't have all the supplements (didn't have charcoal or probiotic).  Lost 7 pounds in first week and have not lost another pound (or body fat percentage).  Have been checking ketones and am mostly in the fat burning range 1.5-3.5.  Was tempted to not carb refeed but have been (because Skye addresses that temptation and clearly says not to).

    Really really really want this to work for me.  Please help!!

  • One more question about the No Fail Fat Burning.  Are we ever allowed to have desserts like on Bulletproof?  If I blow it and have sugar and alcohol do I start over with the 10 day or just jump right back in.  

    Really hoping someone can help!

    Thanks for the great info!

  • Hi, ladies! And Skye, if you're still around. :) After about a week of "whenever I have a free minute" effort, I finally caught up on this thread. So much encouragement and helpful information. Thank you all for being so open and sharing!


    About me: I'm 32, 5'6", 220lbs (ish), female (obviously), single and little-less, about to start my third year of law school. I've been aware of being overweight since I was at least 10 (whether I was or not is a good question), definitely overweight by high school, and haven't been under my personal best of 170/size 10 (as reliable as that isn't) since college. I first found LC life in high school with the Carb Addicts Diet, lost 20 pounds, got stuck/scared of kidney damage and stopped. I found Atkins in college and lost about 20 pounds, then plateaued/got lazy and tapered off. I spent my twenties kind of sort of low carb/not scared of fat, but also not really taking any program too seriously. I come from a long, proud line of women who are obsessive to the point of stupid/self harming about food, and it pisses me off now, honestly, but in one ill fated month of experimenting with not looking at the scale, I gained about 30 pounds. O.O Sooooo... yeah. I'm on the scale every morning and nothing anyone says is ever going to talk me out of that one, lol. But I also have a really good appreciation for how much it can vary and how bad obsessing about it can be. I watch for trends and don't let any one number on any one day get to me too much. I'm finally at a point where the numbers aren't the focus anymore. I just want to be healthy. I want to be able to work and read and think without getting tired and foggy. I want to have healthy kids someday and be able to keep up with them, and not screw them up about food too. Lol! I just want to enjoy my life as much as I can. And wear shorts and skirts without getting a friction rash. o.o


    So! I found bulletproof years ago, actually, bookmarked it and put it away to think about later. Over the past couple years I've been tentatively exploring the whole paleo/real/ancestral food movement, but I'm kind of a cautious, "give me all the information first" type, and I'm on a tight budget, so buying all the more expensive things gave me serious pause. I moved up to the NYC metro area for school a couple years ago, sold my car and started living more of life on my feet, and lost another 20 pounds. Living by myself for the first time ever and having total control over my kitchen helped a lot too. Last fall I discovered Cate Shanahan's Deep Nutrition (highly recommended reading), added a few of her recommendations to my diet without restricting anything and lost 15 pounds over the holidays (!?!?!) and decided to look a lot closer at this real/optimal nutrition idea. I'm a bit of a coffee addict, so I was googling "healthier/paleo coffee" when I rediscovered Dave's site. I made some butter coffee and loooooved it. I knocked around on the forums a bit and found the section for women on the diet, then found Skye's book and a couple others. Absorbed it all like a sponge and I'm ready to give it a proper go. I'm gonna be a real lawyer next year, and I can't afford to be tired and foggy anymore.


    By habit, I think I've been accidentally BPIF-ing for years now, kind of, by which I mean I'd have coffee with heavy cream for breakfast and nothing else most days, maybe another cup or two later, and then a later lunch was my first "real" meal of the day. Of course, my post lunch diet wasn't paleo or bulletproof, but still, halfway there, lol. I'd have phases of feeling like I should get in the habit of having a real breakfast and eat yogurt or eggs, but it never lasted very long because I generally just don't like eating in the morning, and it never kept me feeling full. I've always been very confused when people say "make sure you eat a good breakfast so you won't get hungry later!" In my experience, eating "real" breakfast was always the one sure fire way to make my stomach try to eat itself before noon. :P


    So! This summer I've been making butter coffee, having as much as I want, not eating until at least 1:30, 2 pm, and trying to remember to stop eating by 9 or 10. I'm an awful night owl though, so that's a tough one some days when I don't realize how late it's gotten. I might have to set alarms like some of y'all have done for that. I've been adding more veggies (I could live on just coffee and steak happily, lol) and having a little salted water in the mornings, but pretty lax about the rest of my diet, so that's where I need to tighten up. I also need to get all the supplements and see what they do for me. I'm just going to add one a week though, so I have a better idea of what they're doing/how I react. Right now, I'm just on D3 and upgraded collagen and O.M.G., that stuff is amazing. I need to order another bag and I'm going to try a cheaper brand, but all of you thinking about trying it, do! I mean, I'm just 32 so the fact that I'm not having any joint aches and pains probably isn't saying much, but I'm not. More amazing to me is that my face is finally clear! I don't think I've had a cycle without a bad breakout, well, ever, and right now my face is completely clear. Has been for two months. I'm in awe. And I haven't figured out if I'm just imagining things, but I think my awful cottage cheese thighs and arms are smoothing out as well. Yay! Cellulite-be-gone!


    Okay, that's more than enough to start out with. Hi! :)

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  • Hi everyone! I'm following Skye's recommendations in her book and I've lost 3.5lbs in only 5 days. I'm also not hungry and feel more energetic. 


    I'm going to add supplements into the mix next week, Vitamin K, D3, and Magnesium. I'll report back with my results.


    How's everyone else doing?  I gotta try that Collagen, LawLizz!

  • I haven't lost anything, I have to admit. I feel fine. But no weight loss. I'm not sure if I've changed any body comp. Today is a kettlebell day, so I'll be having some sweet potatoes later.

  • Hi, ladies! Gizmo, definitely try the collagen. Most of the time when I'm taking supplements, it feels like just hoping they're doing something. That one I actually could tell it was working though. I love it.

    For your question on desserts, there are a couple different camps on that. Some people really don't trust the artificial sweeteners that you pretty much have to use for them. However, Dave and Skye both allow a couple of them, mainly xylitol and stevia I think.

    I would try them and see how they work for you. If they just make you crave more sweets, you'll probably want to avoid them, and of course if they stall your weight loss. I know it's not exactly bulletproof by Dave's standards, but I use sucralose in my coffee and tea, have for years. It's been there when I'm losing weight or gaining, so I take that as its being a no-impact for me. I tried switching to Stevia but couldn't deal with the taste. :/ I'm gonna try xylitol next. We'll see.

    But we're definitely allowed to have a little fruit if nothing else works. :)

    Magess, on your question about breaking the fast, yes, having protein does start up digestion, but as long as there are no carbs and not too much protein, it won't trigger an insulin release. From what I understand, that's the big thing we want to avoid by intermittent fasting. Sorry about your plateau. I've actually gained a few pounds this summer, so I know your pain. My body seems to be really into the whole "store up fat for the long winter" idea, lol.

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  • Thanks, LawLizz. Not so much a stall as a never starting, though. Makes me wonder if I need to use a heavier kettlebell or something. Like am I not kicking my ass enough to make a difference?


    It's pretty easy to know if you've replaced a whole meal and only eat carbs on workout days. So I feel like there aren't many variables left. Ratio of fat to protein, I guess. Or the leptin sensitivity thing. I'm starting to think I may have to do one of the personalized programs Skye has on her site to get anywhere.

  • Magess, I hear ya. It's frustrating, definitely. From what I gather, the macro ratios can really make a big difference. I'd start tweaking those and see what happens. That's part of my plan to figure this thing out.

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  • Jason, could I ask you to elaborate on that? It doesn't seem significantly different from Dave's plan from what I can tell, but I'm trying to build with the best parts I can find from several sources. I understand that extended low carbing leads to a famine effect, but doesn't the frequent refeeding control for that?

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    Yeah while it sounds attractive that by cutting out carbs you magically flip the switch to fat burning, in my experience it's just an empty claim to attract customers. And it can be quite damaging even for normal people, let alone athletes.

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  • Okay, that's a fair criticism of VLC diets, Jason, but it's not really fair to Skye's program to say "most people don't do it right, so the program is bad." I do think her book could be written better and be more clear about what to do -after- the first 10/21 days. It seems to me that a lot of women look at the 10 days as the set up for the entire diet, apart from carb refeeds, and I don't think that's what was intended, especially given how, ah, strongly Skye responded to those who came in here with an attitude of restriction. And Reka, how is using VLC to turn on ketosis an empty claim? The fact that it's not a long term strategy doesn't change how it works. If you eat high fat/low carb, your body starts burning fat instead of carbs.

    My interpretation of Skye's plan:

    -You do the 10-day depletion -if- you're coming off a high carb diet, for the simple purpose of jump starting your body's "fat furnace."

    -You then cycle 3 days of slightly modified BPIF with 1 day of HIIT and carb refeeding.

    -Within your eating window, you eat as much good food as you want, no restriction. What that good food is depends on how you respond to adding it back.

    This is a pretty simple program and, like I said, not much different from Dave's BPIF. Let's not bash the program just because a few people didn't do it right.

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  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    Yeah I wasn't clear enough of what I meant. Of course eating ketogenic turns on ketosis. But that doesn't guarantee that the person is going to lose even a gram of fat just because they are in ketosis. Guess what happens if someone eats 200 g fat to be in ketosis, but their metabolism slows down so much that they only burn 150 g daily? The numbers are random but the story is true.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


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  • Okay, that makes more sense. I was actually having a very similar conversation in the facebook group this week, regarding whether your fat intake can be high enough that you're in ketosis but not actually burning any stored fat. Frustrating. :/

    I've run across some ideas that make it sound like that doesn't necessarily have to happen though, Dave's "4,000 calories a day without exercising" story for one. I read one book, Cate Shanahan's I think, where the author talked about nutritional starvation, where you take in plenty of calories, or more than enough, but because of insufficient nutrition, your body still goes into a type of starvation mode and packs on the pounds. In the opposite case, if you're getting stellar nutrition, you can theoretically overeat without gaining weight, maybe even lose weight.

    I think that happened for me over the last holiday season, when I did nothing different except adding a couple of nutrient dense foods to my diet (bone broth, liver, sprouted grains) and dropped 15 pounds. I need to figure out how to make that happen again. :)

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  • I wonder if my fat intake could be too high. I could cut some out of the coffee for starters. Should probably get ketostix and make sure I'm actually in ketosis at all, though I don't know how I could not be. 

  • Jason, Skye never says carbs are bad, beyond what I'm pretty sure is the consensus on here against nutrionally empty processed modern "food." She uses a short period of restriction at the outset, and then allows as much as the individual's body can tolerate of healthy carbs like rice, sweet potatoes, fruit and veggies.

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