Musical Instruments And Dexterity

edited September 2014 in Cognitive Performance

Remember hearing about studies that showed that people with a lot of experience with musical instruments had benefits in brain-health.


Personally, I have been practicing an instrument for a little while.


Also recall hearing about studies showing that left hand dominant people had less occurrence of brain disease in high age, than right hand dominants.


I found, as a right-hand dominant person, that after years of playing a string-instrument the orthodox way, that it was more fun to play it the reverse way, in example; how Ashley McIsaac holds the violin, or Hendrix the guitar. I dont know what this does to me now, but when playing, if I get into it, I feel high.


Obsviously I can't say this happened the first beginning sessions, but it did, and it is fun!


This never happened playing the orthodox way, and we're talkin' YEARS.


Just throwing it out there, a little food for thought, and now You have the requirements to become Hendrix  :)




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