Grass-Fed Butter In Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)

Took me a while to find, but Fiddleheads carries grass fed unsalted butter, it's around $6 per bar (not sure the weighting in lbs).


Specifically the one on Bruce Street.


Thought I'd share this with those of you in the Waterloo area who are looking!

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    Right on. I was just in Kitchener-Waterloo for KOI fest, wish I had seen this sooner.

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    You can look for the following brands that use grassfed meat and dairy at your local grocery store(In Canada Only): Life Choices Foods, Rolling Meadow Dairy, Yamba Yogurt, Grandview Farms.


    I was able to buy grass fed Rolling Meadows butter in the BC interior at a health food store though they only had the salted butter : 1/2 lb. for $5.49.

  • I have seen Rolling Meadows and taken a good look at it as it has come widely available in Toronto.  I don't see how legit grass fed butter can possibly be that white.  A true grass fed butter should be quite yellow.

  • @Joeld123 -- thats what I thought too. I have bought the salted version from rolling meadows originally in Toronto (Longo's) and now they have unsalted too, which is great... but can anyone verify the 'total authenticity' of it?

  • I thought the same thing about the rolling meadows brand. What I think they do is feed the cows some variety of dried grass in the winter. True grass fed butter like kerrygold is a dark yellow/ gold color. However you can get a New Zealand brand at whole foods now called kiwi pure that is true grass fed but it'll run you about $8-9 a stick



    I was able to buy grass fed Rolling Meadows butter in the BC interior at a health food store though they only had the salted butter : 1/2 lb. for $5.49.


    I found this as well in Kamloops...I should check next time I'm in Kelowna, there seems to be more natural type grocery stores there.

  • The Kiwi brand of grass fed butter is available at Sobey’s in Waterloo. They have the lowest price I’ve seen at $10.99 for a half pound stick. That’s $22 a pound folks...about 5-6X what you can get regular butter for. Anyone know of a better price in KW?

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